I dreamt a lot that summer. Dreams so vivid that real life couldn’t compare. He seemed so real, though I had never in my actual life met him. Yet, he played a recurring role in my dream world. He meant everything.

  It didn’t start off that way, these dreams I held dear to my heart. His first appearance was nothing more than a simple hello thrown in the mix of chaotic nothing, combined with people from my reality. My best friend Olivia was there, and a couple of the other girls from my school, Crecent Hill High. Then it meant nothing, but now it means the world.

If I remember correctly, you will have to excuse me this fist one happened so long ago, we were in gym. Nothing strange, just the normal gym type thing. You know, run laps, stretch, then free time. I am on the volleyball team. In my real life and apparently my dream life too. Olivia was serving the ball for me to return to her as a sort of before practice, practice.

“Nice one Emory ! If you keep this up you will definitely take us all the way to state, Captain.” I remember her saying. Like I said, It’s a little foggy in parts but what happens next I could never forget. I set up to return another perfect serve from Olivia when I slipped on some water. Our gym is really old and apparently I can’t even conjure up a nicer one in my dreams.

 “Oh!” I went flying. I prepared myself for the soon to be painful thud I was about to make against the ground, but instead I felt nothing. Nothing except two arms wrapped around me in an attempt to save me from an embarrassing and potentially bruising crash. But like I said, nothing.

I opened my eyes and there were his looking so deeply into mine I had to focus on making sure I was inhaling. “Hello.” He said. Then as fast as I could blink........ He was gone.

Now I am not exactly sure what that means but, It left a mark. A mark in my mind that will never be forgotten. 

“Hellooooooo..........!” I snapped out of my thoughts to find Olivia waving her hand in front of my face ferociously. “Woah!” I replied. How long had I been sitting here in the cafeteria? How long had I been staring blankly at the back of Jimmy Stewart’s head? How long had there been drool on my chin? “So......?” Olivia asked me questioningly. “So....... what?” I asked her back having no clue as to what she was speaking of. “Did you finish the biology home work? Oh never mind. What’s going on with you? You have been sitting in here for 10 minutes just .... staring.” I wondered if I should tell her about this dream I couldn’t get my mind off of, but the problem was I couldn’t figure out why i couldn’t stop thinking about it. It wasn’t like anything extraordinary happened. So I lied. “I was just thinking about the game tonight.

   I sucked. We lost the game. I missed 4 passes, 2 set ups, and I screwed up every single one of my serves. Why can’t I stop thinking about this boy who doesn’t even exist. I went for a run to clear my head.

 That night I dreamt of him again.

    I was going for my tri- weekly run through the park near my neighborhood. Dressed in my pink nike sports bra and black sweat resistant shorts, Ipod in ears, I was ready. I jogged while listening to my running playlist when I tripped. I prepared myself for a face smashing crash when all of a sudden........ NOTHING! Nothing again? Nothing except two strangely familiar arms were around me. “ We gotta stop meeting like this” an unknown voice said. “ You again?” I asked. “Who are you?” I searched his face to get a clue as to if I knew him or not.  “ My name is Ephram.” Ephram? Ephram? No I didn’t know any Ephrams. I knew an Ethan, Elton, and Emmerson, but no Ephrams. “ Are you stalking me?” I looked at him quizzically. He just looked at me and smiled. “Are you new here?” I asked him. Then the strangest thing happened. He kissed me!

I jolted up, bursting with adrenaline. “Woah.” I laid back down and hugged my pillow. Though that was merely a dream kiss, it was the most romantic and the sexiest kiss I had never experienced. I think I orgasmed.

I had to talk to somebody about this. I was too embarrassed to tell my mom. I couldn’t find Olivia, so I went to the next person I could think of Christina Peterson. She is known for having these sex dreams that she likes to describe in detail to the girls in the locker room while we are changing for gym. She would be able to help me figure this out.

Christina stared at me blankly after I had finished telling her the details of these past two nights. “uh huh” Uh huh. That’s all she could say? “Well what do you mean uh huh?” I was a little annoyed with her failure to cooperate with me. “I mean what do you want me to say? That was a nice dream?” she asked. “Listen Christina, I came to you because you are the only person who I can think of that knows anything about sex dreams.” I was growing tired of this conversation. Why didn’t I just wait for Olivia? “Emory, That wasn’t a sex dream. You didn’t have sex. I think maybe you are confusing your so called orgasm with a regular adrenaline rush because you haven’t had any action in like 2 years.” she began to step out of her clothes.

Haven’t had any action? Who me? Well, actually I hadn’t really hooked up with anybody since my last boyfriend Colby, which was in fact two years ago. Wait I almost kissed Randy Craig at a party 3 weeks ago, well that was until he puked on my shoes from attempting to out drink Preston Cummings, the Beer Champ of Chester County. I like to forget about that night. Okay so it had been a while but I know Christina is wrong. The passion I felt in that dream was more intense than any other moment of my life, and this one didn’t even really happen.      

A few nights had gone by with no dreams of Ephram. This may sound crazy, but I was kind of looking forward to seeing him again. He has this dark hair, mysterious eyes, sparkling white grin, take your breath away muscles, tan body, sort of thing going on. He was beautiful. Well, as beautiful as a boy could be without confusing others of their sexuality. He was, no pun intended, dreamy. I missed him. I missed his voice, and those arms, and that smile, I secretly prayed we would meet again as a laid down to go to sleep.

That night I dreamt I was sitting under a huge Oak tree. It was an incredible summer day. You know the ones. The smell of rain yet no cloud in sight. It was warm but not muggy where your hair sticks to your face. I was wearing a sundress, which is unusual for me, but hey it’s a dream right? I was reading a book when all of a sudden my sun was blocked. “Hey!” I shouted “Oh! It’s you!” I smiled. 

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