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From Harry:

Come to the shop as soon as you finish, please xxx

Louis smiles down at his phone and zips his coat up.
"The coffee machine needs fixing again," Louis sighs. Roy huffs.
"I'll see to it, close up early. How's Harry?"
"He's good, both very excited for the wedding. Got even more shopping this weekend," Louis smiles.
"Set a date yet?" Jane asks. She kisses Roy on the cheek and mischievously wipes a floury hand over his jumper.

"Need to choose the venue but we're thinking our anniversary, February 26th."
"That'll be lovely. Now you get home to your man," Jane teases and bumps him towards the door with her hip.

"Hey beautiful," Louis grins and kisses Harry slowly when he arrives at the shop. Harry is careful of the drinks Louis has but he lets himself enjoy it as their lips meet.

He pulls back and smirks.
"What are you so excited about?"Louis asks.
"You know that Andy couldn't come to the wedding, which meant he couldn't be my best man?" Harry says, shaking slightly with excitement.

Louis looks over at Andy who is trying to hide his grin.
"He can now! The convention and workshops were put back. Are you okay with him being another best man?"

Harry's eyes are sparkling, a wide grin creating dimpled in his cheeks that Louis presses his thumbs into.
"Of course, Haz. We need to get you a suit, Andy. I'm really glad you can make it. Anyone you'd like to bring?"

Louis leads Harry to sit on the couch, climbing into his lap and pulling his arms around him.

"I'll ask Hailey if that's okay," Andy nods gratefully.
"Yeah, she's really nice. We should all go out again some time," Harry agrees.
"We could  try the new Indian a few streets down?" Louis suggest.
"I'll ring her," Andy tells them and gets up to go to the back.

Louis turns in Harry's arms, tucking his face into Harry's neck.
"I want you to pin me down and spank me till I cry," Louis whispers in Harry's ear, pressing gentle kisses along his jaw.
"Have you been naughty?"
"Nope," Louis flushes. "I just want to be hurt. Oh and I managed to move my appointment to Saturday because I got the day off, so I'm suit shopping the day before you."

Harry chuckles.
"I'm so lucky. How about we play a game later, too?" Harry suggests.
"What kind of-"

"Hailey said she is free," Andy says as he walks back in the room. Harry grins and watches Louis flush, as if he's been caught.
"Brilliant. We can pick her up if you want to go now?"
"Thanks mate," Andy nods and shrugs his coat on.

"Go on little one, into the car," Harry says gently and kisses Louis' cheek.
"Thank you, daddy," Louis mumbles, "for uhm- later."

He rushes out of the shop to Harry's car.
"What's got him so hot and bothered?" Andy laughs. Harry raises both eyebrows twice quickly, trying to keep a serious face. Andy goes a little pink which makes it too difficult and Harry starts laughing.

"I know how to please my boy," Harry shrugs dismissively but he is so smug knowing he has made Louis happy.
"Get in the car," Andy grumbles to distract from his pink cheeks.

"Hey, princess, ready to go?" Harry asks Louis when he is in the car. Louis smiles and nods. "Excited?" Harry teases.
"Yes, daddy," Louis says quietly because Andy is getting in the car now.

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