The Reborn Dream

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The Reborn Dream

Serle ran through the back alley behind some houses, gun shots going off behind him. He clenched his hand where his three fingers used to be, cut off by the same thugs that are now chasing him. Bullets fly past his head, ducking and dodging while trying to manoeuvre   around the corners. With the end of the alley is coming up, a bullet rips through the back of his leg, he lets out a cry of pain. Still running, he makes it out of the alley only to be clipped by a car, the owner of which gets out to try and help but Serle just keeps running, heading across the bridge towards the nearest warehouse looking for shelter. The first three doors are locked but with luck the fourth door is not and he stumbles in. Trying to keep pressure on his hand and leg, he climbs up the ladder slowly, until he reaches the top floor of the warehouse. Serle sits in a corner waiting, he knows they are going to find him and kill him. He looks down to his hand noticing his little finger is hanging off and after swearing to himself, tears it off and throws it. Letting him know they’re there, the thugs let off a couple of bullets, the sound ricocheting off the walls around him and after five minutes of searching on the ground floor, Serle hears them climbing to the top floor.

Serle jumps up from his hiding place in the corner, lunging forward and pushing the first thug that came close to him. He screamed as he fell off the 50ft drop to his certain death as Serle runs towards the last room on the top floor, the managers’ room. He hears the thugs shouting; “There! There he is, get him!” Serle locks the door behind him runs to the table diving underneath it for cover. Bullets fly through the room, two bullets managing to hit him in the lower stomach. He squeals out with pain, leaving him slipping in and out of consciousness. The door is kicked down, three men walk in, pick him up and drag him out of the manager’s office. Serle wakes up in agony with a gun pointing at his head.

“Wait!” Serle cry’s out.

The thugs pass Serle a mobile phone.

“Hello?” Serle says struggling to breath.

“Serle why do you keep stealing from me? Why must we keep repeating this situation over and over again?” Came from the other end of the phone.

“You know why we have to keep doing this; I will not stop until I get back what you stole!” Serle replies.

“Fine, have it your way.” The stranger ends the call, as easily as they will me.

The thugs pull Serle up to his feet, gun pointing at his head. Bang! His body falls over the banister and crashes to the floor of the warehouse.

His watch set to 8am sounds and Serle jumps up, awakening as if it were all a dream. Taking in his surroundings, he remembers what happened as he notices the dried blood splattered on the floor around him.

“8am, perfect. Damn that hurts every time!”

Hey folks, first chapter of a new idea i have had, would love some feedback! hope you enjoy! Thanks, Olly :)

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