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Chapter 55: They’re Back

Aine's POV

January 27, Friday.

I’m totally back :) Nagbabalik ako to get everything that was supposed to be mine. Para sa mga hindi nakakaalala sakin, ako lang naman si Jeraldine Tan. Girlfriend ni Steven Santos. No, hindi pala girlfriend nor ex. Dati niyang niligawan. What happened to me in China? You'll figure it out but not now. What's important is seeing Steven and his model girlfriend. Alam ko lahat ng nangyayari kay Steven because I hired a private investigator to watch out for him and to inform me sa mga ginagawa niya. It has been months since I left and now nandito na ako sa airport sa Philippines. Naglalakad na papunta sa may loading area. I’m going to take cab going to a hotel. Wala na kasi yung house namin. It was already sold para daw wala na akong balikan. Bigla naman may nakabangga sakin na isang lalaki.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!"

"Sorry miss"

Tinanggal ko yung shades ko and checked if he is really Terrence Martinez. Yung actor and model sa Korea.

"Are you Terrence Martinez?" tanong ko


"Here's my calling card. I own a chain of restaurants all over Asia. If you’re interested in modeling for us, just call me"

"Sure. Miss if you’re not busy, can I talk to you for a while?"


Pumunta kami sa isang coffee shop dito sa airport. Maaga pa kaya wala pa halos tao dito. Pinagkaguluhan na siguro to kung madaming tao.

"Let me introduce myself. I’m Jeraldine Tan. Just call me Aine"

"Your name sounds familiar. I think I’ve heard it before"

"Really? Maybe because of the restaurants I’m managing"

"If by chance, do you know someone named Steven Santos?"

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