Chapter Eight
-It's The Sauce That Makes The Difference-

I was laying on my bed on my stomach, flicking through a text book, making some notes when Kathy literally skipped into the room.
“La di da da,” she sung to herself in no particularly familiar tone. “Oh, hi.” she noticed me on the bed
“Hey,” I replied, closing my book. “How was your day?” I asked and she shrugged her petite shoulders.
“Meh, but a girl in one of my classes invited me to drinks tonight, would you like to come?” She asked, dumping her armful of books onto the bed and pulled off her grey cardigan revealing her cute flower printed sun dress.
“Oh god, yes,” I replied. “A drink is just what I need,” I told her, rolling onto my back and looking at the ceiling.
“Big day?” she giggled, standing above me next to the bed. “Want a girlfriend cuddle?” she pouted with her arms spread wide, I laughed and threw a small pillow at her.
“Shut up. No I went to class and left with a male mentor and he has these stupid rules and half the time they make no sense.” I covered my face with my hands. “’It’s okay to die not knowing how electric eels mate without stinging each other’,” I mocked Taylor.
“Say what?” Cathy replied, confused.
“I was asking all these questions and that’s what he told me. I went with it, but he’s weird. Pure and simple.”
“I like it," She told me after a moment. “I may use it... could be a life motto or something,” She pondered as she looked into her wardrobe wistfully. “Mum will be proud and think I’m not meeting boys and getting drunk while I’m here...” I watched her amused as she had a conversation with herself. “...She always does worry about the university scene and all the bad people I’m likely to meet... My sister got pregnant in her first year of Uni, you know?” She asked me and I shook my head at her, indicating I didn’t know.
“Where are we going tonight?”I asked and she shrugged again.
“We’re meeting Caitlyn down the hall and going with her and a couple of her friends. I suppose it’s in walking distance.”
“Alright, I’ll go jump in the shower then. Had a workout after class with Taylor and Jake and some other guys and now I feel completely disgusting,” I told her and she nodded and waved me off.
Pondering life’s mysteries in the shower, which is pretty much the only way you can ponder life’s mysteries properly, my mind went to Jake. He was so nice and good looking that I couldn’t believe anyone wouldn’t follow him blindly like a puppy to whichever town he decided he wanted to live in. I was crushing on him hard and really, who could blame me? He had a beach babe look mixed with the city guy style. His hair was short enough to look neat but long enough to look shaggy when he didn’t style it. His eyes were bright sky blue that made you melt and his smile was so genuine that he couldn’t look insincere, even if he tried. He was always dressed smartly, even if he was in tracksuit pants ninety percent of the time, he would still team it with a collared polo shirt. But it wasn’t just his looks either, it was his personality. He hardly knew me and still gave me a pair of his tracksuit pants when I needed them. He would help anyone out and not expect anything in return. He included everyone into everything he was doing and it didn’t bother him in the slightest. He was definitely raised right, his parents had to be incredible because guys like Jake just didn’t exist nowadays and even if they were pretending to be incredible, it was usually because they had ulterior motives.
I reluctantly turned the shower off and dried myself off. Getting ready, I took more time than usual appreciating the make-up, clothes and perfume more than I did before. I loved being a girl and being able to dress myself up like a Barbie doll. It was a pain in the ass before but now I couldn’t help enjoying it more, having spent half a week feeling like a slob. I stepped out of the bathroom and Kathy grinned at me.
“You look unbelievable!” she squeaked in excitement. I was in a waist high blue skirt with a black blouse tucked in, with a cinching belt and the same coloured heels as my skirt. I had left my hair down and curled and only had dark eye makeup, leaving the rest natural. I looked more like an office worker than a crazy partier but didn’t really see any of the bars we could go to as a ‘go-all-out’ places.
“You look crazy good yourself,” I replied. She always wore little sun dresses and cute tops with jeans but in a tight little purple dress that pushed her ‘girls’ together giving her just enough cleavage and showing her leg from the mid thigh down, she really looked like she was ready to take on the world. Her nude pumps made her legs look longer and the rock chick hair and make-up just added to the sex appeal she was oozing. “No wonder your mother is worried you’ll end up like your sister. You’re smoking!”
“Thanks.” she grinned, patting down her dress, looking a little embarrassed. “I only got this dress the other day and this is the first time I’ve worn it. I love your earrings,” She told me, “C'mon, Caitlyn will be waiting for us.”

It was a short walk down the hall to Caitlyns room and you could hear the music blasting as soon as you walked out of our room. Kathy knocked on the door and shortly after a girl opened the door with a full cup of red liquid in her hand.
“Kathy! Come in.” She grinned, if she wasn’t drunk, she certainly had a buzz going. “You must be her roommate. My name is Caitlyn,” She told me.
“Lucy,” I replied, she was a pretty girl. Short and chubby but she was wearing clothes that flattered her figure, not trying to squeeze into clothes that only made her look three times as big. Her hair was a big curly mess and her makeup was pretty natural looking. More so then mine. I could see why Kathy liked her, she was loud and I had a feeling I would have a stomach ache from laughing, all the other girls seem to have one.
“Lucy and Kathy, this is Sophie and Jane,” She introduced us and we shared waves all around. Sophie was much like Caitlyn, short and stout, but dressed appropriately for her size in a blouse and jeans with blonde straight hair and Jane had a ‘girl next door’ look about her. Honey hair in soft curls and a flowing white casual dress. These girls reminded me of the girls back home and I was more then happy to meet people that weren’t like the tramp in the coffee shop that I had run into as ‘Lockie’.
“We’re going to The Hub, its a pretty chill place,” Jane told us.
“Would you guys like a pre-gamer?” Sophie asked, holding out two cups with the aforementioned red liquid in it.
“What’s in it?” I asked, apprehensively peering at it as I took it.
“Who knows?” Caitlyn laughed. “I just threw together a bit of everything I had and added some creaming soda,” she told us, I watched Kathy take a sip and studied her face. She looked at me and shrugged.
“I’ve had worse...” she told me and I suddenly got the feeling Kathy was a lot more wild then she had previously let on as I took a sip and almost choked. I could taste a cocktail of all sorts of alcohol with a tinge of the sweetness from the creaming soda and a lingering pineapple and coconut after taste.
“Malibu?” I asked and Caitlyn nodded, grinning mischievously.

Twenty minutes later and another cup of ‘Mystery Drunk-ness’ (which is what I named Caitlyn’s cocktail) we were giggling and walking towards The Hub with a good buzz. As we approached it, we could see the mass of people standing out the front and the music that was playing over the chatter.
“Seems like the place to be...” I murmured and Jane nodded.
“Last year I spent nearly every night here,” She told me as we stepped through the front doors. It was a typical pub scene. I looked around and my eyes locked with Taylor. He gave me a knowing smirk and I noticed Jake follow his line of vision to us too, before saying something to Taylor. The pub the boys had invited me too was this pub... that made things interesting.
I actually looked like a girl and Jake was here meaning that Jake could actually see me as a girl! I got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. We got our drinks and sat down at a table within ear shot of the boys. I had had to jump on it like a jaguar to get it, when the previous occupants left but it was mine and no one was taking it away from me. It didn’t take long for the boys to notice the group of girls right next to them either. I was talking with Jane as a guy approached our table, his eyes plainly set on Kathy. She gave me a devilish wink and I watched her lure the boy in.
“Rule fifty, Walters,” Taylor appeared, squeezing his way in next to me after Jane got up to get another round of drinks.
“What is with the last name thing?” I asked and he laughed.
“That’s rule forty one, Walters. One rule at a time, amigo,” He told me.
“Fine. What’s rule fifty?” I sighed, impatiently.
“It’s the sauce that makes the difference,” he told me and once again, I was confused.
“What?” I asked and he nodded his head towards Caitlyn.
“What is she drinking?” he asked.
“Caitlyn? Tequlia and lemonade I think. Why?”
“Party girl who lives for the moment, because there won’t be a tomorrow if she keeps up the pace,” he told me. “What about your roomie?” He asked.
“Kathy has a dark rum and diet coke,” I answered and he nodded.
“I thought so. She’s the Tequila girl but a seasoned professional. She drinks hard but can hold her own,” He told me and I frowned at him.
“She doesn’t seem like a heavy drinker,” I told him and he shook his head.
“She is, look at the way she’s nursing it. From the color of your tongue, you had a pre-game before you came here. I would bet my bottom dollar, back home she was at a party every weekend, all weekend. If they’re not seasoned drinkers, rum usually makes a girl messy and loud. She can handle herself,” He told me knowingly.
“Fine,” I stated. “Do me then,” I told him and he smirked at me smugly.
“Don’t make offers, you can’t follow through with, Walters.” he laughed into his beer glass as he took a sip and I smacked his arm.
“Dirty sleaze,” I glared at his cheeky smile. “I meant analyse my drink.” He grabbed my glass and took a sip before I could stop him.
“Ah, Vodka, soda and fresh lime. You’re either watching your weight or you’re just a simple girl. You know what you like, can be a little fussy to get what you want. You’re here to drink, but not to get drunk.”
“What if I had a cocktail?” I asked.
“Depends on what cocktail it was. You have two cocktail girls, the ones that get the cosmopolitans and margaritas are pretentious, painful and expensive. The girls that are drinking the classic cocktails like Manhattans’ and Martini’s are still pretentious and expensive but usually have less to prove. They drink them because they genuinely like them, not because they want a certain image.”
“You think way to much about this...” I gave him a side glance and he laughed and shrugged.
“You want to pick up girls, you got to know what you’re dealing with before you approach them. Jake said he recognised you...” He told me and my heart nearly beated out of my chest.
“What?!” I demanded and he nodded.
“I was the same way as you are now, but he said he ran into you when he first moved onto campus,” He elaborated and I took a deep breath.
“Yeah, I ran into him literally,” I laughed, remembering.
“He told me,” He smirked. “He also told me to come over and talk about the classes we share so he could come over and join in,” He told me with a grin. “Tell me, is your roommate single?” He asked, glancing at Kathy.
“She’s dating Lockie, that’s all I know,” I told him with a knowing smile and he laughed.
“Good to know, Jake on his way over. Don’t act retarded or anything,” he told me and I glared at him.

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