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Chapter Sixty-Two

-Taylor’s P.O.V-

Shane is out today and we’d promised to hang out together with the others tomorrow. I’m a little excited about it. Besides, it’s been a while since I’ve actually stepped out of the house except going to school or running errands for Mom.

          Now we’re sitting in the dining room, celebrating for Tessa. It’s her birthday today and I’ve managed to get her a gift last minute. Thank God Danielle could drive me to the mall, again. This time it benefits the both of us because Danielle just so happens to be going out shopping today and she was looking for someone to go with. Well, I guess I’m the lucky one.

          I’d given her a limited edition Chanel lipstick, and she had immediately tried it on. Thank God, she loved it. She calls it ‘stylish’ and ‘fashionable’, and something tells me that she’s going to be putting that on for work everyday now, since Luke is there and all.

Anyway, Dad on the other hand, gave her a new car. I’m actually quite glad because now she’s giving me her old one. Danielle wouldn’t have to be like my driver anymore. Finally, no more running under the rain just to avoid being late for school. This is perfect.

Mom actually gave Tessa a goldfish. She said it was to replace Fishy, the imaginary goldfish which was flushed down the toilet, or that’s what she came up with. I could see Tessa’s horrified expression, but she still managed to hide it from Mom and Dad, and she had forced a natural smile and said that it ‘looks exactly like Fishy’.

“Happy Birthday darling!” Mom exclaimed happily as we all warmed up for a family hug.

“Thanks guys, for the gifts, and…Fishy.” Tessa faked a smile.

We took a few pictures right after she had cut the cake. Mom was immediately occupied with cleaning the dishes in the sink and had insisted that the both of us just sit down and let her do all the cleaning for today. Dad got an important call from work, so I guess that only leaves the both of us, and Fishy.

“Stop staring at me.” Tessa snapped at the goldfish and sighed. “Luke was right, Mom and Dad are too easy to fool.”

“Well, that’s what makes them Mom and Dad.” I shrugged helplessly. “So, what did Luke give you?”

          “A necklace.” She shrilled. “And it has something in common with the lipstick you got me.”

          “What, don’t tell me that they’re both pink.”

          “No, silly. They’re both limited edition!”

          “Gosh, you’re so blessed.” I smiled.

          “I know right.” She laughed.

          “How’re things with you and Luke? Good?”

          “Better. It’s less sad now that Shane is well again.” She sighed dreamily.

          “What about that girl in the office who flirts with Luke? What happened to her?”