52. New Beginnings

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"So you're really doing this?"

These were the first non work related words that Leisa had spoken to me in weeks. Not that I'd encouraged conversation.

I balanced my box of personal belongings on my hip as I turned to face her.

"Of course I am." I replied before heading towards the elevator.

"He's not good for you Mia."

"For fucks sake Leisa!" I huffed as I turned back to face her. "Why don't you get off your holier than thou fucking horse and respect my decision. You're judging someone you don't even know."

"But, you're so different since you met him."

"No shit Leisa. I'm no longer smothered by other people's expectations of me. He's freed me, allowed me to be the person I want to be. He fucking supports me, which is more than I can say for you. Is your life really that bad that you begrudge me my happiness?"

Her eyes flicked down guiltily.

"You're fucking kidding me! You actually preferred it when I was a pathetic Bridget Jones addict?"

When she didn't meet my eyes, I swallowed the lump in my throat.

"You did. Oh my god Leisa, how could you? I was miserable. So fucking miserable that I felt like I was drowning. And you what? You helped keep me underwater?"

"You're always so dramatic Mia."

"Can you hear yourself right now? Never mind, I'm getting on that elevator and I will never give you another thought. You don't exist to me."

I thought about her all the way down to the ground floor, wondering how anyone could enjoy seeing a supposed friend in misery.

Shaking off my mood, I stepped out into the fresh air, closed my eyes and smiled as I thought of what lay ahead.

"You look happy babe." Jays voice made my smile widen.

"You have no idea." I quoted him from a few weeks before.

"Are you ready to do this?"

"I don't think I've been more ready for anything in my life." I answered honestly. "Let's do this."

My furniture had been packed up a few days ago, the pieces I no longer needed had been donated to charity ( the Harper Black Foundation), and we'd been staying in a hotel for the past few nights. Now, we were heading to the airport to catch a plane that would take us to our new life together.

"I'm so excited." I confessed as we boarded the plane hand in hand.

"I've heard that same comment from Megan at least a thousand times today." I laughed as he rolled his eyes. "I think she's crushing on you."

"Well, she does have good taste." I teased.

"That she does." He laughed. "But in all seriousness babe, she's there for you. A friend, someone to talk to, someone to give you a break from me. She's got your back as much as I do, which means whatever you share with her, stays with her."

I buckled up my belt and turned to face him.

"If there's one thing I've learnt, it's that 'problems' need to be faced Jay. If I need to talk, it will be with you."

"And for those 'girly talks' you all seem so addicted to?" He asked with a smirk.

"Then, Megan's my girl." I answered as I cuddled up and watched the runway lights pass us by.

"It's done." I whispered as I felt the weightlessness surround us.

"It is and I've never felt so positive about anything Mia.  Trust me babe, this is exactly what I want."


"Here." He said as he placed a key into my palm. I looked down and smiled at the 'emoji wink' that stared back at me.

"You got me a personalised key?" It wasn't a huge deal, but to me it was.

"I thought you might like it?" For the first time since I'd met him, Jay seemed a little overwhelmed.

"I do." I beamed as I slipped the key into the lock.

"Oh my god Jay, is this really going to be our home?"

"Mia, it's been ours since your first visit, without you it's so fucking empty. It's soulless. It's fucking lonely."

I turned to face him, my tears flowing freely. "I'll never understand what you see in me Jay, but I gladly accept it." I whispered.

He cupped my cheek and I leant in to the gesture. "I see you Mia.  Sweet, innocent, sexy you." 

His hands dropped to my waist and he stepped closer, his body against mine as he kissed me.

"You can take a step inside, or I'll fuck you right here Mia.  Personally, I think here is just fine." 

His hands moved under my top and up my body, my top raising with them until he lifted it over my head and threw it through the open door.

It was dark outside, the only light being that which the full moon provided.

As he unzipped my work skirt I came back to my senses.  "I think we should take this inside."  I stated as I grabbed my skirt before it fell away.

"I think we should take it out back."  He grinned.  "It's a perfect night to see you by moonlight."

"I'll meet you out there, I just need to use the bathroom."

I waited for him to notice me and knew the second he had.  His eyes widened then deepened as he sat his glass down on the table.

"Come here."

I closed my eyes as his deep voice travelled through me. If I never heard another sound I'd always be grateful to have heard his voice this way, thick with desire. For me.

Walking towards him, my body naked and my heels high, I felt no doubt of his appreciation.

"Stop."  I was about a step away from him and he was looking me over. 

"Turn around."  A shiver ran down my spine as I turned full circle.

He reached for my hand and held it against his erection.

"Tell me what you want Mia, tell me where you want this." 

I couldn't contain my moan as I opened his jeans and gripped his hot skin.

"Well babe, since everyone keeps telling me I'm your whore, I think I should prove them right. Don't you think?" I asked as seductively as I could.

His low groan and twitching cock told me I succeeded.

"I couldn't agree more Mia."

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