Chapter One

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Alarm clocks suck.

And I mean, they really suck.

Why? Because they wake you up. Especially when you don't want to be woken up.

I groaned, blindly grabbing at my bedside table, trying to locate my stupid alarm clock so I can throw it into the burning pits of Hell.

This is why I'm not a morning person.

I finally turned the infuriating thing off, getting out of bed and stretching, while making some really unattractive groans. I feel sorry for the guy who has to wake up to my animal mating calls in the morning.

I grumbled and headed into my bathroom to have a quick shower. I looked at myself in the mirror, taking in my appearance.

I had gained weight since last year, but that was a good thing. I had been scarily skinny and underweight, due to my... condition.

My auburn hair came to just above my shoulders, looking messy at the moment.

I stepped into the shower, enjoying the feel of the hot water and the silence around it. I could think to myself in the shower, which was great.

I stepped out of the shower, picking out some of my clothes. I decided on an easy black sweater with some shorts since it was getting hot here. I mean, I wasn't pale but I could use some tan.

I gathered my books and things and stuffed it all into my bag, slinging it over my shoulder and going downstairs.

My mother and father were out working, as usual. They owned a huge law firm, making them busy a lot. They earned a lot of money though, enabling to buy this huge house that we had recently moved into.

I wish I could spend more time with them though. They barely have time for me anymore. The only time that they were actually there for me was when I was in hospital.

I grabbed some fruit and put it all in the blender, adding some milk, to make a smoothie. I poured it into my black bottle and grabbed my phone, sticking it into my pocket. I left the house, sipping on my smoothie.

I had to walk to the bus stop. Groan.

It took me about ten minutes to walk, but I was still five minutes early. Other kids had already been sitting there, giving me stares as I stood next to them, trying to ignore them as I waited for the bus.

When it pulled up, I was pushed to the very back of the line when people were getting on. I was the last to get on the bus.

When I stepped on, all of the teens that were my age gave me stares, as if warning me. I quickly sat down in an empty seat at the front, too lazy to actually pick a fight with anyone when I wasn't even at school yet.

The bus drive took about twenty minutes. I listened to music the whole time, ignoring the loud conversations that were thrown around the bus.

When we arrived at school, I was the first one off, glad to be off that stinking bus.

People were standing by their cars or sitting on the grass outside, talking to their friends. I walked past them, earning me stares.

I headed to the school building, eventually finding my way to the office.

There was a lady sitting at the desk. "Um, excuse me?" I asked.

"Yes?" she replied in a bored tone.

"I'm Stephanie Arnolds, the new girl? I just needed my schedule," I said.

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