Chapter 22. Edited.

I didn't see anything as I ran. I ran to the elevator and waited impatiently as I could hear it slowly coming to a halt on my floor. The doors couldn't open soon enough, I jumped in and hit the button for the ground floor and stood tapping my feet impatiently as the majority of occupants exited the elevator murmuring about the youth these days. The doors shut closing out the inconsiderate people.

The doors opened and I took out of the elevator as fast as I could and I ran to the stairs A few feet away from the elevator and ran down the steps. Hugging the wall so I didn't end up killing somebody. I was breathless and I had a stitch in my side. As I reached the door for the ground floor I ran faster bursting through the doors and running to the reception desk.

The lady looked scared as I squeezed out.

''Where's Cameron Paige'', I breathed urgently.

''Hold on one second?'', the lady said taking her time.

I looked at her name tag which read ''Mrs Penelope Gip''

''Look here Penelope'', I said getting angry.

''Hurry up or I'm going to come around there and look it up myself'', I said pissed off.

She looked up at me shocked and said in a snotty voice;

''Room 157'', She said.

''Thanks'', I said sarcastically and I took off running again.

Room 157, Room 157 I repeated again and again.

I jumped into the elevator again and guessed Floor 2.

Luckily when the door opened I was right. 150 was the first room. I glanced up the hallway and my urge to run had faltered. Johnny was sitting on the ground outside what I suspected was room 157. I took one step after the other. I clink of my shoes on the floor in this silent ward was painful. Not a sound, not a cry. Pure silence. What could ever be worse? Johnny. I walked slowly to Johnny where he sat with his head between his legs not moving.

''Johnny'', I whispered.

''How is he?'', I asked sweetly.

Johnny glanced up at me his eyes rimmed red. A single tear streamed from the corner of his eye.

''Why are we surrounded by death and sorrow?'', He said through his sob's.

I stood there speechless. He had asked a question I didn't have an answer to and probably never would. I was a question that had rendered many speechless over the years.

''I'', I began.

''You know'', Johnny began wiping away his tears. '''I've been through a lot. A hell of a lot'', He said slightly angry.''And yet things never get better, things got worse. I had you if not only for a moment. Paisley was happy if not only for a moment. And Cameron,  Cameron lived for only a moment'', Johnny said getting up and taking off down the hallway.

''Jonny stop running from me'', I cried.

''I'm not running from you'', he shouted back. ''I'm running from the sorrow you bring everywhere you go'', he shouted taking off running.

I broke down into tears. He was right. Drama and hurt followed me like a plague. I was a cancer. To take away pain I'd have to be removed, but for now Id promised Cameron I'd be there for him no matter what.

I turned and glanced at the door of room 157. Cameron was beyond it and from Johnnies words it wasn't good.This was my first time in a hospital and yet two things and two friends had been hurt. How lucky are they to have me. I leaned lightly on the door and it pushed open. Cameron was sitting up in the bed awake with earphones in and he smiled instantly and waved. My angry words from this morning already forgotten.

''Hey'', I said as he pulled the earphones off.

''How are you?'', I asked moving to his side on the bed when I sat and moved over beside him.

He didn't answer he just looked down at my stomach.

 Cameron was crying. ''What?'', I asked smiling and lifting his head up to reveal is tear stained face.

''I'm dying Kira'', He whispered looking into my eyes his black hair falling down in front of his face.

I pushed his hair out of his face. ''don't be ridiculous'', I said beginning to cry again. ''There's loads of treatments'', I said wiping away his tears.

''I've had them all before Kira, It's the end of the road for me'', He said looking up at the roof to hide his tears.

''No Cameron'', I said fumbling around as my life started to fall apart. ''You can't leave me'', I said freaking out.

''Kira'', Cameron said looking at me again.

He placed a hand on my stomach. ''A part of me will always live on, with you'', He said leaning his head down to my stomach.

I wasn't even showing but the thought that there was a part of him inside me brought Cameron some joy. ''If I could'', He said.

''Id be here for you and the baby. But my time has come. It could be tomorrow, a week or 6 months from now'', He said.

''Cameron'', I said crying.

''don't talk like that. You could be a miracle'', I said trying so hard to be optimistic.

''I wish baby'', He whispered. ''I want you to do one thing for me Kira, tell the baby who I was. Tell it that his or her Daddy loved them'', Cameron said. This brought on streams of tears from me.

Cameron sat up and pulled me into a hug. ''I want to be strong for you, I do,It's just so hard'', I said hugging his head.

''IL always be here Kira. I'll always be here when I'm gone. When you look into the eyes of this baby, you'll see me. When you look to the sky and see an extra bright star that's me waving and when you think of me, I'm alive'', He said.

''I love you Cameron'', I whispered.

''I love you more than you can ever imagine Kira'', He said kissing me on the forehead.

''Make things better with Johnny'', He said. ''For me'', He said smiling up at me.

He began to sing a song before I could dispute.

''You walked with me
Footprints in the sand
And helped me understand
Where I'm going
You walked with me
When I was all alone
With so much I no along the way
Then I heard you say

I promise you
I'm always there
When your heart is filled with sorrow and despair
I'll carry you
When you need a friend
You'll find my footprints in the sand

I see my life
Flash across the sky
So many times have I
Been so afraid ooh
And just when I
Have thought I've lost my way
You give me strength to carry on
That's when I heard you say

I promise you
I'm always there
When your heart is filled with sorrow and despair
I'll carry you
When you need a friend
You'll find my footprints in the sand

When I'm weary
Well I know you'll be there
And I can feel you
When you say

I promise you
I'm always there
When your heart is full of sadness and despair
I'll carry you
When you need a friend
You'll find my footprints in the sand x 2
oooooo mmmmmmmm''

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