Heaven And Hell-- A SasuSaku Fanfiction

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So...This is the second book that ive written. Im working on the other one still. Its called Love And War, if you want to read it.

I really like SasuSaku, its one of my favorite ships, so I decided to write a story about them. Sasuke is also my favorite person in the anime Naruto, so I really like to write about him... >_<

So...yeah. Thats basically it.

If you dont like SasuSaku, dont read this. And if you like SasuSaku but you also like SasuIno or dont like NaruHina, dont. read. it. I think it will be okay. ._. Maybe.

If you comment on this and say "I hate SasuSaku"...Well...

*grinds teeth*

*clenched fists*

*taps foot*

*narrows eyes*

*spins around*

*screams in agony*

*strangles the air*

*spins back around*

YOUR AN IDIOT. *presses fingers to temple and sighs at the failure*

If your going to make me do these things...

1. Leave.

2. Never read SasuSaku again.

3. Dont say anything bad about SasuSaku lovers. They will eat your soul.

4.Get a soul. And a life.

Thanks. Bye.


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