Another Unexpected Surprises.Part 54

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28th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

It was too much excitement for a few of the younger ones and they had to me put to bed after we finished watching that roll of footage from George's camera.

" How is it that George's box of things with his camera and film ended up here? I would have thought it would have gone up to where Violet lived since he was her husband." I asked them. But the answer was simple. 

" When I sent back everything that was remotely related to Bobby, I sent them to Nan who was here in Armidale at the time at the house that her and Bobby lived in when Bobby bought Nan to live up here. After time had passed and Jarrod and Ellen eventually moved into the house, all of the things that belong to the older ones were all brought out here. George's camera was among them." Jenny was saying to us as she leaned back against Daniel.

I had read up on this woman.

She had a rough life since being a teenager. She was sent out of America with Violet in the Witness Protection Program after inadvertently seeing something that caused all sorts of things to happen in the business community where they lived back in the States. 

Then there was that flying trip she made with her stepfather Geoffrey and her triplets to Darwin with the plane crashing on the way home. She was very resourceful and walked herself and her babies out of the Australian outback pushing the triplets in their stroller which I have to point out were sold worldwide in an unprecedented sale with back orders for years after it was found what brand of stroller it was that she used since it held up the whole way as well as when the triplets were too old for it. 

But she was pulling her stepfather who had a broken leg on a makeshift trolley she adapted from a new gold buggy that was being brought back to the cattle station as a gift, I think it was. So this woman is an amazing woman to know. 

So is her amazing husband despite the rumors of the marriage struggling once many years ago.

Each and everyone of these family members were amazing. At one point, I met a woman called Rascal who was married to someone called Mack. I was surprised to find out that Mack was the father to Jenny's triplets as well as the father to Jill, Micah's wife. 

Now there must be a story I want to know about. But that's for another time.

" Days of Our Lives has nothing on this family, hey?" I heard Donnie's young say from beside me as I felt her sit down next to me with a smile.

" You have that right. This family is amazing. Every one of you are." I said to her feeling very privileged to be now a part of them all. 

I heard the faint sound of a phone ringing a little distant away from us. But then the phones have all been ringing on and off all day as they usually are. Some of the calls were actually quite funny when it was one family member ringing another member who was somewhere about the place.

" I'm so glad that you and Reid and Barb have come along to visit with us all. This year has certainly been very exciting. I get a new sister and a new cousin. One's we didn't make either." Donnie was saying as she was looking around at everyone who was still sitting around talking about the film we just watched. 

Both Ellen and May were still very emotional at seeing their mother or grandmother as they remembered them. Not in Ellen's case though. Garry was still a teenager when Bobby died with her uncle Clifford who was a year older than her father. 

" Your bloody well shitting me. How the hell could that happen." I heard Reid yell into his phone which had us all looking at him wondering what on earth had happened now.

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