Chapter 9: Demolition

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Hey guys! Hope you like the newest chapter! Sorry it's not edited, but I'm a bit behind with the holidays lol. Let me know what you think!!

Chapter 9:

I took in a deep breath as I heard the knock at my door. Quickly, I checked my reflection in my compact mirror to make sure I put enough foundation on to cover up the bruises. My mom stood on the other side with a worried look as she looked me over. I think she was imagining much worse, so it was a good thing I dressed to make sure my bruises were hidden.

"Oh Honey." My mom started making me inwardly cringe. I didn't want a crying fest right now, I was just happy to see her. Hugging her, I tried to take a step back after a moment to talk with her, but she was determined to hug me tightly. I had to work hard not to groan from the pain I was getting in my ribs. I didn't want her to know how sore I was.

"I'm okay Mom, really." I paused when she didn't let up. "Can you let go now?" I asked with a slight chuckle. She pulled back and wiped away some tears. Ah crap, there goes my heart. I could never stand the sight of my Mom crying, it was a knee jerk reaction to tear up with her.

"I should've never let you go off to college sweetheart. You should have stayed home, where I could bake you cookies until you were too fat to leave the house." She wasn't joking. Sighing, I pulled her with me and sat her down at my desk. I grabbed the empty desk chair from my soon to be roommates side and sat in front of her.

"Mom...I'm not going to lie, I really wish I never had to go through that. It was awful, scary, and degrading, but I was saved from the worst of it. I will be okay." I tried to soothe her as my tolerance slowly went lower. I knew I was still experiencing that depressive mood, it was like a lingering fog, but I refused to succumb to it.

"I want to meet this young man who saved you." She said dabbing her eyes and grabbing my hand. It seemed she needed to reassure herself I was more or less okay. I thought about how Hayden wanted to see her too.

"I will call him in a bit, why don't we catch up on things that aren't such a downer huh?" I said with a convincing grin. It was harder than I thought to fake being happy. Mom saw that I was trying and managed a small smile before nodding.

"I would love that. Want to show me around?" I agreed and soon we were outside walking around campus. I could tell she was dying to take me away and lock me up for safety, but she knew she literally couldn't.

"How's Gavin?" She asks while I was showing her the court yard. It was boiling outside, but she was hardly sweating. She always told me she was used to it, but if that was the case, why wasn't I? I feel like I will never be used to this heat, but it's still a beautiful state, so I tough it out.

"The same goofball who like to make spit balls." I muttered when I spot a familiar head of black hair across the courtyard. I take my Mom's elbow and steer her towards him. "You said you wanted to meet the guy who saved me right? He's over there, his name is Hayden." I spoke, but had to laugh as my Mom picked up the pace.

"Hayden!" I called out waving my free hand, since my Mom was gripping my other one tightly. His eyes snapped to look at me before sliding to my Mom. He had this inquisitive look, and I was pleased to see that once again, he looked sober. It would've been embarrassing if he was high or drunk. Come to think of it, he's only been high a few times since I've met him. Maybe I was becoming a positive influence? One could only hope he would quit smoking those nasty cigarettes.

Even if the kind he smoked actually smelled pleasant...

"Hey Blondie," He looked over at my Mom, "You must be her Mother? Nice to meet you Mrs. Spencer." He said politely. I had to pick my jaw up off the ground as the normally troublesome boy in front of me would rather be glaring at anything remotely happy. Instead, he was polite, had a smile on his face that literally made my stomach bottom out, and seemed pleasant.

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