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A Thundering Metalic Love

Lucy's P.O.V

I must warn you, whatever you see, you cannot tell another soul.” Haruka said seriously. Him? Serious? Yea right! He's probably going to laugh at them, I still need to take back my revenge for my behind!!!! “Alright, we won't tell.” I smiled. We jumped on the boat as we slowly started rowing away, though that's when I saw it. The bloody brat smiling and trying to contain his laughter. I rolled my eyes as I looked ahead. “What do you think we'll see? Gihi.” Gajeel asked curiously. “Who knows. Maybe a statue or people pretending.” Laxus shrugged. “I agree.” I smiled, secretly using my magic to ‘accidentally’ set someone's house on fire. “Looks like a fire started in that guy's mansion.” Laxus pointed out boredly. We all turned to see vibrant red flames eating away at his house. “He's rich enough. Not to mention his magic.” I said giggling. The boys nodded, as they turned away and placed their focus on the island.

“LUCKY LU!!!!!” We heard a cry. The boys were curious as I laughed. Ha! That's what you get you jerk! “We’re here.” I said as I stood and walked past the boys.”How are you sure?” Laxus asked. “We don’t see anything but fog ahead of us. Gihi.” “I can see it. The figure and the shadow of the island. Prepare.” I said seriously. Once we pass through the fog, there WILL be h**l. They stared at me suspiciously before their eyes widened. We were here. The boat came to an abrupt stop as the boys nearly fell off. I rolled my eyes before sighing. “Come along now. We don’t have all day.” I smiled as I held my hand out to them. Their faces turned red as they looked another direction and took my hand. “Lets go.” Laxus said once he stood. “We head straight and don’t stop. This place is dangerous.” I stated as they nodded and walked.

We walked a few moments in silence before we heard a squeal. The boys looked startled while I just felt tired. Here we go. “LUCYYYYYY-NEE-CHAN!!!!!” I heard as I prepared myself for impact. I was tackled to the ground as I felt all the air in me leave. “S-Suffocating!” I gasped. The boys stood there before realizing I needed help. “Thanks.” I said as I sighed and both boys pulled whoever was on me, off. “Hey! Let me down!” I heard a small childish voice demand. “It's only a shortie. Gihi.” Gajeel said as I looked towards them. In their grasp was a child, around 5 or 6 with golden hair and warm emerald eyes. He was wearing a green sweatshirt and brown shorts as he struggled to escape their grasp. “Do you know him Lucy?” Laxus asked as I nodded my head. At the mention of my name, the boys struggle ceased as he stared at me, eyes gleaming with happiness. “Lucy-Nee-Chan!” He cried as he reached out towards me.

Third Persons P.O.V

She sighed as she brushed off the dirt and stood up, extending her arms towards the small little boy. He grinned as he grabbed her two hands and pulled her closer to him. “Bunny girl, who is he? Gihi.” Gajeel asked, speaking for both the two curious men. “This is my brother.” She smiled, as Laxus released the boy, letting him leap into his sister's embrace. “HAH?!” They both exclaimed as they stared at her. “Since when did you have a brother?!” Laxus asked as she stroked his cheek, a warm smile gracing her lips. “Laxus….Gajeel….There are many things you don't know about me.” She giggled as she rubbed noses with her brother. “Like what? Gihi.” Gajeel asked, a brow raised. “Well, I can't tell you all of them, but I can show you one of them. Come along, I'll show you my family.” Lucy said as she lifted her brother and signaled them to follow her. “Exactly how do you know so much about this place?” Laxus questioned. “Well….I was somewhat raised here.” She replied, a sad nostalgic smile appeared as she glanced at the trees around them.

“It truly is breathtaking still.” Laxus and Gajeel glanced at each other before sighing. “What's the kid's name? Gihi.” Gajeel asked as their attention was now focused on the sleeping boy in her arms. “Adam. Adam Edward Joshua Stuart Heartfilia.” “That's an awfully long name.” Laxus stated as Lucy rolled her eyes. “Thanks for stating the obvious. The name isn’t that long though, I have seen others with longer names. We're here.” Lucy sighed as they stopped in front of a vine-like door, a rune on the center of it. “Why is their a rune?” Laxus asked. “My, aren't you all curious!” Lucy giggled as she kicked the rune. Slowly the vines withdrew from their path as a bright light shined in front of them.

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