Chapter Nineteen» For You, I'll Do Anything

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The days seemed to pass by like a blur, moving with the winds. Uncle Hamad, Gul Jaan and the rest of the family had all gone back to the house, promising to visit again.

Gul Jaan had said, that there  would be a lot of dinner invitations now they had come, and the news of Ammar's marriage had been spread. To many, it had been a shock that Ammar got married out of the blues. No one expected him to get married, yet he did and that in a span of three months. According to Kulsum, they didn't think Ammar would ever settle down. So the news of his marriage had truly been a shock to the family friends, and to the tabloids.

Apparently Ammar was a successful business man here in Kuwait, and had many admirers.

Folding the dried clothes on the sofa,  I couldn't help but recall that night. Why had he  questioned me?  Was he even bothered whether I was happy or  not? I mentally whispered. Placing the folded shirts in the small basket and gazing out in to the warm day.

The house was quiet. Everyone had gone and here I was all alone at home. Ammar had gone to  work, and I resisted the urge to call someone, anyone to talk to. Yet I didn't, I remained to myself.

Sometimes, I missed the rainy days in London. The way it used to rain allowing the grey clouds to cover the land, painting it dark. I missed the cool fresh air and the busy streets with people  running around, hoping they weren't late for work or for school. I missed it, and mostly I missed university.

Remembering the good days, I couldn't help but feel a smile plaster my features. I wonder where everyone is,  I wonder what they're doing with their lives. I thought walking out of the room and in the hallways, pulling the basket in my hands, I started walking up the spiral staircase. Feeling my stomach clench, as though I was about to come down with something.

Walking inside the large bedroom, I couldn't help but feel guilty. Ammar shouldn't be made to sleep in the guest bedroom, instead I should. Though, just thinking about leaving this room had a wavering feeling dawning on me. Surprisingly I had grown attached to this room.

So I did something I wouldn't have ever done. Walking inside the room Ammar had been staying, I grabbed all his stuff and moved them inside the master bedroom, bringing it back to where it rightfully belongs.

A good half an hour passed as I sat on the bed. Glancing at my reflection in the mirror, I cringed at the sight. My face was oddly pale and the long of my hair was due for a hair cut; as it was tied back in a neat bun, like those of a strict headmistress.

Through the years, it felt as  though I had lost myself. My personality, my likes and dislikes and instead turned in to a robot of a person. Sometimes I missed the old me. The person that always laughed, that always smiled. The girl that always had a book in her hand and the girl that never walked around looking like a zombie.

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