Chapter 6- Now What?

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Percy POV

Oh no, we had to hurry. Ares was about to wake up. As much as I wanted to talk to Annabeth and just hang around with her, I couldn't. Ugh, this always happens.

"Hey, Chiron, we have to move him downstairs, if we just have him tied up against a wall in the open, the campers will go insane," Annabeth said moving her arms as she spoke.

"Annabeth, let's move him right now as he's still dazed. Come on!" I said as I took his arms in my hands. Annabeth took his legs and began to walk backwards down the stairs. I could see that she was struggling. I would've asked Chiron, but he's in his wheelchair. And even if he was in his full form, he was too tall. He can't walk those stairs with his huge hooves. Clarisse followed closely behind me.

"You holding in well, Wise Girl?" I asked as we were walking. I gave her a smile.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Annabeth said giving me a reassuring smile. She was so pretty. Her blond curls fell across her face. It looked messy, but I thought it was cute. She caught me staring and she looked down. I blushed.

"So, you think we could make it through this one alive like the rest?" I tried breaking the awkwardness and tension in the air.

"What kind of question is that? Of course. We made it through Tartarus, didn't we?" She said. The name itself sent chills down my spine. The air became thick, and the temperature began to rise. My heart began to race. But as soon as it came, it left, and I calmed down. I looked at her, and it looked like she just went through the same thing as me. The nightmares still came, but they weren't as bad as before. Give it a little more time, and it may be gone. But there was that slight chance it will always stay. All thoughts were gone when a sudden groan came from Ares.

We began to rush and so we hurriedly reached the bottom of the stairs. We put him down next to the wall alongside a pole. Annabeth and I were both breathing hard and panting for air. I didn't expect him to be that heavy. It seemed like he weighed heavier than the sky.

"Clarisse, go upstairs and tell Chiron to get some celestial bronze chains. Annabeth and I will hold him down," I spoke in between breaths. I pushed his right shoulder against the wall and she did the same with the left. After a few seconds Clarisse came back down with a thick set of celestial bronze chains. It was so bright we had to somewhat squint and not look directly at it.

"That would do just fine," I said with a smirk. Clarisse was dragging it, and I can't blame her. The thing was so long and large I don't think I could carry it either. And boy was I right. As soon as she passed it to me, I almost fell because of the weight.

"Hurry up Percy!" Annabeth and Clarisse spoke in unison.

"I'm trying! This chain is so heavy!" I groaned as I dragged it. Clarisse took my spot in pinning Ares's shoulder to the wall. They both wrapped his hands around the pole behind his back. He was still in a sitting position, so his back was leaning against the pole.

After about 10 minutes, for what seemed like 10 hours, I finally tied his hands to the pole. I went over his hands 5 times and the pole about 10 times. It was extremely long, and I might as well use all of it when I'm trying to tie a god down.

I backed up examining my work. It was pretty sufficient. "Hey Prissy, are you just going to stand there all day?" Clarisse taunted. This earned a laugh from Annabeth.

"Well I'm sorry, but it's better than sitting all day now isn't it?" I shot back playfully. Clarisse just glared back at me, but you could see humor in her eyes.

"Hurry up down there! There is other matters we have to discuss!" Chiron shouted from upstairs. Just then there was another deep groan coming from Ares. Annabeth and Clarisse both backed away so they were beside me. His eyes landed on me but he was still dazed, so he didn't realize anything yet. Then it actually shot open as his eyes focused on my own.

"You!" Ares's deep voice bellowed. "You're going to pay!" He didn't notice that he was tied down. He tried to move his hands but then he was restricted and he couldn't do much. He looked down at his hands.

"What dare you! I will destroy you!!" Ares screamed. I didn't flinch on the outside, but on the inside, I wanted to crawl behind a rock. He was the war god, he could inflict fear into anybody he wishes. I looked over at Annabeth, she had her eyes wide with fear and was almost compelled to free Ares. I had to do something.

"Shut up. No one will free you. We'll keep you tied up for however long we want. And you're immortal, so you'll stay here for eternity," I boldly stated. That snapped Annabeth out of her daze.

I looked at Clarisse and she wasn't doing that great either. For the first time, I saw she had a look of pity on her eyes. Her eyes were filled with water and looked like they would overflow and fall.

"Let's go upstairs. Our job is done," I said.

We were halfway up the stairs when Ares said, "I'm disappointed in you, Clarisse La Rue."

I tilted my head to look at Clarisse, but she didn't seem to be affected the least, on the outside. I could tell she was hiding her true emotions, like she always does.

"Let's keep going," Clarisse stated. Her tone didn't show any emotions, just like her facial expression. We kept walking the remaining amount of stairs without saying a single word. But when we reached the top of the stairs the silence was broken.

"Where's Chiron?" Annabeth asked. "He was supposed to wait for us."

"I don't know, maybe we took too long and he got tired of waiting." I said.

"No way, that's not very much like him," Clarisse said. As if on cue, Chiron came through the doors galloping very fast. He had sweat glistening on his neck and was very nervous.

"Chiron, what's wrong?" I asked. It takes a lot for Chiron to get like that.

"The Olympians are here....all of them," Chiron stated.

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