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Chapter 19

“Are you okay?” Dylan asked after entering our room. Ever since I received the call from Alpha Nicolas, I had gone upstairs and locked myself in the room.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I lied. I didn’t want to worry Dylan about the call. He already knew that they were going to try and attack us, and he was getting ready. Telling him about the call would be an extra burden that he didn’t need at the moment.

“What have you been up to all day?” Dylan asked, walking up to the bed and sitting down with me- wrapping his arm around my waist. He was hovering over me, his much larger frame easily covering mine. I loved the sense of protection I felt from having him so close to me.

“I missed you,” I said, wanting him to know how hard the day had been without him.

Dylan smiled at me genuinely, looking as happy as I felt by having us together.

“I missed you too. Every moment I was out doing rounds, I only thought of you,” he said, running his hand over the side of my face.

“Can we go for a run?” I asked, sitting up a little, my face coming closer to Dylan’s. It was tempting to bring his lips down on mine, but I restrained myself.

The pressure of hiding Alpha Nicolas’ call from Dylan was eating at me.

“Sure, it’d be a better way to show you around the area. That is, if you want to run on our land,” Dylan said, with a questioning tone.

“I don’t mind,” I replied, offering a smile in return.

As soon as I changed into more comfortable clothes, we were off into the woods. I shifted in Dylan’s backyard, but decided to carry my clothes with me. I didn’t know if later on I’d want to shift back into my human form and I didn’t want to be left completely naked.

We ran for what seemed hours. On the way, we met up with other wolves running as well, or people from the pack simply passing by.

It was nice to see how everyone treated Dylan. All the respect they showed to him, and the love they held for their Alpha. It almost brought me to tears when they showed the same emotions toward me. It was then, when it finally settled in that I was the new Luna of Midnight Moon.

I had been aware of it before, but now, I felt proud to state my title. I would fight anyone who tried to hurt any member in the pack.

My mind didn’t take long to clear off. The pack and Dylan served as a great distraction. It was already nightfall by the time we made it home. The moon shined brightly outside, it was almost hypnotizing.

I stared at it, feeling the fresh night air touch my skin softly. It was cold out, but I didn’t really mind.

Dylan wrapped his arms around my waist, from behind me. He looked up at the sky as well, and made sure to nestle his head in my neck as he did.

“It’s so beautiful,” I told him, placing my hands over his- as his rested on my stomach.

“Not as beautiful as you,” he whispered to my neck

His breath tickled my ear, and I let out a chuckle.

“You would think that,” I told him, turning to face him.

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