Belladonna's Price (A Dark Fantasy Tale)

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Belladonna's Price

She rose to an erect position as the writhing crown of serpents morphed to a silken mane of ebon curls. Her once venomous tresses draped her pale nude form. The chill of the night air bit her skin as she dismounted her victim and robed her self in the fast chilling bed's linens. She shivered slightly and gazed upon the young man who now lay dead upon the bed. His face covered in vicious love bite marks, his skin now paling to a cold blue.

A smile crept to her lips like a mausoleum door opening. The young man, who sought a night of simple passion had found more than he bargained for, and now paid with his life. Belladonna giggled her body alive with the energy that once filled her victim. She dropped the linen and let the cool air wash over her bare form. Hers was a body of desire; its succulent shapes a fatal trap to any man who longed for her touch and embrace. She was a gorgon, a creature of villainous beauty and want. An appetite belonged to her race one sated only by the theft of another's life force.

She strode over to her victim, gloating at the effects of her feeding in its final phase. The man's corpse had begun to turn to stone. She reached over and caressed his chest, feeling the ice-cold hard granite. Belladonna turned away from him and dressed slowly luxuriating in the stolen life as it coursed through her body. She would not have to feed again for several weeks and she wanted to enjoy the fleeting moment.


Lord Arquinas gazed upon the voluptuous woman who sat in his private chambers. Her beauty was intoxicating and he struggled not to fall under her vile charms.

"So is he dead?" Arquinas question was barely a whisper.

"Yes, quite," Belladonna answered purring slightly.

Arquinas smiled with infamy, and suddenly laughed with sick joy. He sat in a plush chair and eagerly faced Belladonna. He longed to touch her, desiring to know her every inch of pale flesh. He knew this would mean his own death. She was a monster, but one that had served him well. His desire mixed with his horror, as he imagined, for a moment, what deathly pleasures she might give.

"Now that you have exacted your revenge upon the man who had lain with your wife, it is time to discuss my payment." Belladonna hissed as her eyes flash with desire.

"What I have asked for, you have delivered. Is one hundred coins sufficient?" Arquinas stood and walked to his coffer, his back turned to her, no doubt a dangerous gambit.

"Gold shall not cover this act I have completed for you, Milord."

Belladonna's answer stopped Arquinas in his tracks. He looked at her and quite suddenly, a chill ran up his spine. His mind raced franticly for a reward this creature could ask for in return for her deadly services. He did not think about it long, for she told him.

"Your wife carries a bastard child, this is what I desire." Belladonna's voice oozed with longing.

Arquinas stared at her in shock and horror, but then his fear evaporated. He smiled with an idea born in his mind. He would do away with the child his wife carried from a worthless serf, and ensure his bloodline remained true. He would also teach his loving wife from now on she should keep her passions to his bed. His mind pondered what the gorgon would do with this child but quickly pushed those thoughts aside. The bastard child's welfare was not his concern.

"My wife will not simply give up this child you desire," Arquinas stated with feigned concern.

"She will if you give her this." Belladonna produced a vial hidden within her dress. Arquinas's eyes strayed a bit too long on her low-cut blouse. He quietly realized his mistake and looked elsewhere. Belladonna sauntered over and placed the vial upon the Lord's desk.

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