Seeing More Than before. Part 53

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Sarah's POV...

" How about we have a little break and have a cup of tea before continuing watching the rest of this very interesting bit of film." Joy called out which had Jarrod very quickly reach out and pause the film for a moment.

" I have to say that I was certainly not expecting to see anything like this. Thank you so much for seeing what we missed. It makes me wonder how much longer it would have gone left and deteriorated before someone eventually found it." Jullianne was saying as she still gazed at the screen.

" I wouldn't have minded." We all heard Jarrod call out which had a few laughs given as the absurd look on his face. He did look a little ridiculous at the moment after seeing our parents in this particular position. And naked at that as well.

Everyone was very excited with this new footage of the original family members and their friends. Especially with the footage of the twins arrival. Joy had said that Violet had mentioned on a few occasions that the boys birth was filmed. But she thought it had been lost when it didn't turn up in George's things when they had all been transferred over here a few decades ago.

Now we know. Jarrod and Bobbie had gone to the film box that held the original film and sure enough, there was a curl of board that even hid another film that hasn't seen the light of day. Everyone was very excited over that find too and wondered what was on it. But for now, we were getting settled again to watch the rest of this film before camping out as we were tonight with everyone now staying here overnight.

All the olds were staying in the house with Donna and Teddy with the rest of us camping out. It was like having a gigantic sleepover. It was fun and I was thoroughly enjoying it too as were the others. Jen and Jack were also enjoying themselves since there were many hands to take the kids off their hands for a much needed break.

Little Andy was especially enjoying this since it wasn't something he had experienced before. None of us have. It made for a lovely pleasant change. At one moment when they were free, they decided to take themselves down behind the shearing shed.

Where they got caught down there having a really good making out session. But not before it was found that Micah and Jill were making out first and got caught just before Jen and Jack did. We all had a good laugh when the red faced adults came back and joined us again, being followed by some of the younger teenagers who thought it was a couple of snakes they were hearing and went after them with a shotgun. In the dark no less.

Anyway, we were all settling back to watch the rest of this riveting film again.

Then Jarrod turned it on and we were alll watching it with avid eyes as the images came again on the screen causing a few smiles to appear.

We could see that Maggie was holding on to Bobby's arms for dear life as she panted through quite a few pains before we saw he focus change and this really determined look over came her face. Then we watched as the sheet was pulled away causing a few gasps from some of the men. But they watched everything happening on the screen as much as we did.

We could see that Maggie was only focusing on one thing and wasn't even listening to anything which was being said to her before relaxing back against Bobby's chest. Something she has been doing now for about fifteen or maybe twenty minutes. The pushing and resting that is.

" Damn it. I have to go to the toilet." I think she was saying as she looked a little worried about something.

" No, you don't."We could see Vi say to her in an exciting voice.We could see through the curtains in the background the lightning flashes of the storm as it was raging outside during this time for them.

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