First Date or Not?

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My tiger was almost completely in control, he had gotten a taste of Ry, now he wanted a taste of his other mate. 


 He was unaware of the fact that a very horny predator was stalking his every move, and was getting ready to make one of his own.

With the speed and an only a cat could manage, I had Leo pressed up against the wall for the second time today. And I had to admit, I loved this position, so many ways I could dominate my mate.

"Linus" Leo gasped in surprise when he felt my hand go down his happy trail and into his pants, wrapping around his quickly hardening member.

"Mine. All mine" I demanded as I stroked Leo, who was trying to hold back his whimpers of pleasure. Both my tiger and I didn't like that, so I bit down hard on the side of his neck without breaking the skin, knowing that my brother was quite the masochist. And I instantly got the response we wanted, a large moan of pleasure along with a deep purring noise.

I could feel his body start to tense and I knew his orgasm couldn't be far off, so I upped my speed and continued my sensual assault on his vulnerable neck. Sparks were flying from where our bodies touched, sending shockwaves of pleasure through both our bodies.

Then Leo went stiff in my arms as he shot out his release into my hand, I quickly pulled my hand to my mouth lapping up his essence while he turned to watch me. After finishing up all that was left, I picked him up and carried him to the master bedroom, all the while my tiger was purring in pure satisfaction at the fact that he had his mates.

Soon we were settled in the bed, Rylan resting in between us while our legs were thrown over his. Caging him in a box of muscle, but going by the peaceful look on his face while he slept, he was just fine with the arrangement.

Tomorrow Morning

I woke up extra early, I had made reservations at a restaurant for three and I am making breakfast for my two perfect mates who lay asleep upstairs. Both my tiger and I wanted to court them before having sex, but with mating season around the corner, there isn't much time for that. So I wanted to make the most out of the time we had together before our minds were clouded by the need to breed.

Although the thought of breeding my mates made my cock go rigid in seconds, maybe later we can indulge in a few extracurricular activities before bed. With breakfast plated, I walked upstairs to where they were sleeping only to see Ry sitting on the side of the bed crying, I instantly rushed over to him, waking up Leo in the process.

"What's wrong, please tell me your okay" I begged as I wrapped my arms around him and Leo begin to stroke his back soothingly.

"I'm fine its nothing it's just, I woke up and you weren't there, and for a moment I thought that you coming back was just a dream" he admitted as he tried to dry his tears. I lifted his chin so that he was looking me in the eyes before I made a vow:

"I promise you that I will never leave you no matter what. I already made a huge mistake before and there is no way in hell that I would make another one. You and Leo are my mates, and I will always be there for the both of you" I vowed, looking up into Leo's eyes in order to get my point across.

Unwilling to let the morning go on like this any longer, I lifted Ry into my arms before I started downstairs, Leo walking just behind me.

"What's with you and carrying me, I can walk" he stated with an adorable pout which only earned him a smack on his perfectly plump bottom.

"We know you can walk, we just enjoy having you in our arms and providing for our mate" I stated as-a-matter-of-factly before placing him the dining room chair with his meal laid out before him.

"You made all this?" Leo asked, looking impressed.

"Yes I did, and we have reservations at six for dinner," I said, puffing out my chest in pride when both my mates gave me a look of adoration. With that I sat down with them as we dug into the food I had been preparing earlier, this mornings sadness now was forgotten.

"Rylan, if you don't mind me asking. Where's your pack?" I asked after breakfast when were all laying on the couch

"My pack kicked me out because I didn't shift at the proper age, although I don't know what became of my parents," he said nonchalantly, even as my tiger its out a threatening growl that promised death to those who have harmed Rylan. But he just curled up on my lap and stroked chest, pulling rough purr from me as he calmed me down.

"I don't waste my time thinking about them anymore, especially since I have two very sexy mates who want me" he admitted while blushing beet red.

"Speaking of packs, since we are all together, I was thinking of moving back to the pride and taking over the Alpha position" Leo stated as I cupped the back of his neck, enjoying the soft texture of his hair and skin.

"Will they even accept me?" Rylan questioned, and instantly a wave of guilt hit me, if I had accepted my mate when I first met him, he wouldn't be worried about this.

"They will love you, and anyone who opposes you being there will have to deal with Linus and I" Leo answered firmly while curling an arm around Rylan's hip, causing him to gasp in pleasure at the touch. And then it hit me, Rylan was feeling the beginning of the heat, and that realization brought my tiger close to the surface. Without any thought, I lifted Rylan off the couch and carried him upstairs as my rut began to set in.

By now, the heat had kicked up considerably, and he was moaning and grunting in need of every touch from me cause pleasure to ricochet through our bodies. And then, shocking to into complete stillness, I felt Leo press himself against my backside and grind his cock against me.

He was already in full rut, and I could feel the lust start to overtake my brain. Suddenly I had Rylan underneath me, and I ripped his clothes clean off of his beautiful body, exposing inch after inch of flawless skin. All the while Leo had yanked off my clothes along with his, pressing his hot flesh against my bare body and creating the most sensual feeling I've ever felt.

I kissed Rylan's delectable lips, plundering his mouth as he thrust his hips upward, letting our manhoods meet. And for a  second I turned back to kiss Leo, fighting for dominance, but soon winning when he submitted.

The room was filled with grunts and moans of pleasure as we rolled around in bed before I was behind Leo and Rylan was underneath him. After preparing his virgin entrance with my fingers, and massaging his prostate, I slowly pushed the head of my cock inside him.

Making him cry out from the mix of pain and pleasure, as Rylan panted from the feeling of Leo's cock inside him. I continued to push into Leo, loving how his chute squeezed down on my cock, milking me. I gave him a hard thrust, causing him to pound into Rylan who screamed in pleasure.

But I didn't let up and began to pound into my mate harder, making him moan and scream aloud with uncontrolled pleasure. I bent down and bit into Leo, causing him to let out a roar before biting into Rylan.

I quickened my pace, brutally slamming into his prostate with every thrust before cumming inside his quivering body, triggering his and Rylan's release as well. As we got off of each other, I noticed that Rylan had passed out, Leo's release dripping out of his hole. But I just couldn't let him be, my tiger was chewing at the bit to get another taste of his tiny mate.

I pulled Rylan closer to me before settling at the apex of his thighs.

"Wake up, we're not done yet" he whimpered as I slammed into his pulsating hole, Leo's semen acting as a lubricant, and then I began to move. Pulling broken moans and whimpers out of him as I pounded harder, thrust faster into him. Sparks were flying and his eyes rolled into the back of his head as we came, causing him to pass out cold for the second time.

I dragged my cock out of him, causing a mix of both Leo's and I's release to pour out of him as he slept. Finally, I laid down gathering both my mates into my arms before letting sleep take over me.

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