Chapter 14

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Over the past several missions, my Companion and I have gotten much closer. I’ve decided to name it Jarva, so that I’m not constantly calling it “Companion.”

Right now, though, I’ve been entrusted with my own operation. We have to capture the Chief Advisor, and get some information from him. This country, Gordon, is one of the last large countries resisting ours, and to get the nation to bend, we need the leader removed. But in this case, he’s gone, mustering support among his fellow kings against us. And I’m tasked to make sure that no confederation arises.

Thus, we need to capture this Chief Advisor and find out where the king went so that we can take him out, too. We’re in the main city, with the king’s castle looming above us. The Advisor lives close to, but not in, the Keep.

His huge mansion, which is built in a cluster with other houses, has a gate out front, and houses its own regiment of elite guards. The gates are six inches thick, made of oak. The wall in the front is at least twenty feet tall, and you can’t get in without a piece of paper granting permission from the Advisor, the king, or one of his lieutenants.

But it has one weak point. It’s built right next to other mansions, and so we can break into one of these, and go through them to the Advisors. It will mean losing some of the element of surprise, since all the other mansions are guarded as well, but so far, it’s our best option.

Once we have the Advisor, we’ll escape by blowing a hole in all four of the walls, and riding off on horses prepared outside. We have several snipers in place to cover our retreat.

I see no way in which this plan can go wrong. Jarva says sarcastically.

Shut up. I shoot back. If you have a better plan, let’s hear it.  

Jarva stays silent.

That’s what I thought. I say smugly.

The sun is setting. It’s time to move out. My plan involves several other agents, but after the mission, we’ll all disperse, leaving me with the Advisor. After I get the information, I’ll follow the leads and find the king, and then, if need be, get assistance in assassinating him.

Ever since I’ve gotten my Companion, it’s sprouted a cynical streak. I’m not sure if it always had that, or if it picked it up from me.

I check the time again. It’s time to go. I send word to the others, and I move out with my team. There are four others in my team, and we’ll be going in from the mansion from the left, if it’s viewed from the front, and  team will go in from the right. The guards should be distracted by a separate group which will set a section of the city on fire.

We leave our rented house one team at a time, so as not to draw attention to ourselves. My team and I are wearing cloaks over our armor and weapons, and in the dim evening light, we look like any other citizen. As we approach our target house, I feel my pulse beginning to race as it always does before combat. This mansion was picked because it doesn’t have a strong front door, like the Advisor’s, though it is guarded.

We make short work of the chain holding the gate shut, and file in silently. There is a single, sleeping guard at the front door, and one of my team members drugs him to make sure he stays that way.

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