Chasing Lauren (Niall Horan for PeaceLoveChucksx)

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(Niall Horan One shot)


Lauren James

Ella Barnes

All my life i had been told i wasn't good enough. My dreams are gone because of the man i call my 'father'.

Everything i do is wrong. When i was 5 i came home with picture i drew of a cat. I was told it wasn't 'realistic'. I thought I wrote my name well in 2nd grade, i was told i need to write better.

Ever since i was born and my mother left my dad has hated me. Oh, i'm sure at one point he was happy to be having a child till he drove my mother away. I am told by everyone i know that i look so much like her.

I just wish she could have stuck around. I sometimes imagine what my life would be like if i had a mom like Ella does.

Ella Barnes is my best, and only, friend. She helps me with my low self esteem and helps as much as she can with the bullies. I'm also terribly shy, which doesn't help at all.

Ella is the only person i actually trust.

I ponder all of this as i walk home from school with Ella, who is my next door neighbor. Sometimes it's hard to believe a girl like her, popular and all, can be friends with a loser like me. I also believe sometimes i'm a charity case for her.

But those thoughts are diminished when she never forget's to tell me i'm wonderful and that she love's me. She truly is a once- in- a- lifetime friend.

"So Lauren, aren't you excited to be going to a One Direction concert with me?" She practically screams at me. Ella is a complete girly girl. She's the type to wear dresses and obsess about makeup. Don't get me wrong i do to, but she's a little bit more upsessed.

Sometimes when we are in public people ask if we are sister's. We do seem alot alike. We both have brown hair and blue eyes.

She's 5'4 and i'm 5'3.

She's tan, popular, skinny-ish, and has a nose stud on the left side.

But i am pale, and i am not popular at all.

Out of all the people who would KILL to be friends with Ella, i'm the one she chooses. It means alot to me. She's even paying for me to go to the One Direction concert.

"Yup Ella. I'm so excited! But your only excited to see Harry Styles sing in person." I teased her, making her face go about 3 differant shades of red.

"Shut up! Like you don't want to see Niall Horan in concert. 'Oh Niall, he's sooooo dreamy!' Mwahhh!" She quoted me from earlier and started to make kissy faces, which caused me to turn red.

It was an automatic reaction to her teasing me. She's awkward but in a good way. She's funny and fun to be around.

"Oh wait! It's a squirrel! What's it carring? No, comeback Mr. Squirrel! I want to love you!" Ella yelled as she ran down the park we were walking through, her arms flailing behind her.

"Ella, slow down! Your going to get hurt." I yelled going after her.

After about 10 minutes she had the squirrel cornered in a tree and was trying to knock it down with a stick before i herded her back to the sidewalk.

"It's a pine cone. What kind of squirrel eats a pine cone?" She grumbled to herself.

"Obviously a starving squirrel." I sighed to her, but my smile was amused.

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