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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 111

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**George’s POV**

I watch Maddie linger at Lupin and Tonks’ graves, saying goodbye. I wait by the cemetery gate for her. She walks over to me slowly. Already she has a little baby bump showing.

As a side note, I was furious with her for being in the battle, but hey, after everything that had happened I let it go. We’ve had enough negative feelings to be dealing with.

“How’re you doing?” I ask her.

“Good, everything considered,” she replies, “are we going to Andromeda’s now?”

I nod once and we disapparate together. Most of the Order and others are already here. Maddie goes straight to Mrs Tonks and they embrace.

“We have to talk later,” Mrs Tonks says, “with your husband too.”

“Of course,” Maddie nods.

“Daddy!” Alithea calls me from Mum’s arms. I reach over and take her.

“Hey, precious,” I say, cradling her. Maddie walks over holding Carmen.


“With Big Fred,” Maddie interrupts, nodding towards the two Freds.

“If everyone could find a seat,” Kingsley calls. There’s a few moments where everyone is searching for a spot to sit, squishing up on the couches and armchairs.

“Right,” Kingsley says, “we’ve got a bit of work to do to clean up this mess, now that all the funerals are over. Hogwarts needs to undergo a lot of repairs, especially. We understand if there are those of you with families who can’t help, but anyone who is willing will be appreciated.”

He pauses for a moment, looking around at everyone.

“Professor McGonagall has been named the new Headmaster of Hogwarts,” he continues, “and, together with the ministry and board of trustees, has decided that Hogwarts will be closed for a year until it is deemed safe for students to return. When Hogwarts is reopened any students who attended this year, as well as the muggle-borns who were not allowed to attend will be asked back to repeat their year. Attendance is not compulsory. As a few of the teachers have, understandably, resigned, we will be looking for new teachers, also, however, that can wait. If you are willing to assist in anyway, please leave your name with Sirius and we will contact you in the next week.”

Kingsley nods to us all and sweeps out of the room. Sirius produces a piece of parchment and a quill from his pocket.

I look over at Maddie. She’s staring at Carmen without really seeing her.

“You look tired,” I comment. She nods once.

“We’ll put our names down and go home.”

“We have to speak to Andromeda first.”

“Sirius, put us down!” I call. Sirius nods and scribbled our names on the list. Maddie is talking to Mrs Tonks. She beckons me over and we walk into the kitchen. Mrs Tonks is looking a little nervous.

“I wanted to talk about what will happen to Teddy,” she says, “I can’t care for him as he needs. I know Dora and Remus would have wanted for you to take him…”

She wipes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

“If you’re willing,” she finishes.

“We’re willing,” Maddie says immediately, “but he should stay with you. You’re his grandmother.”

Mrs Tonks nods, smiling gratefully.

“We’ll help out in any way we can,” I put in.

“Thank you,” Mrs Tonks says, “so much.”

“Besides,” Maddie adds playfully, “we’ve already got three and one on the way, it only seems fair to share the love.”

Mrs Tonks laughs, dabbing at her eyes.

“I shouldn’t keep you,” she says, “you’ve got to rest. We’ve got some hard months ahead of us.”

“Compared to the last couple of years it’ll be a picnic,” I say, lifting Alithea higher on my shoulder as I stand up. She buries her face in my shoulder and yawns.

“If you need help with anything at any time, just let us know,” Maddie tells Mrs Tonks. We walk out and find Fred in the front yard with little Fred.

“I almost left without returning this,” Big Fred says, moving towards us, “do you have a spare arm?”

I shift Alithea around and hold out my arm.

“Thanks,” I say, making sure my son is safely tucked into my side.

“What’re your plans for tomorrow?” Maddie asks Fred.

“Probably going to try to fix the shop up,” he says, “and find an apartment somewhere. Mum says I should move back in with them, but I sort of like feeling like an adult.”

“Stay with us,” Maddie offers immediately, “Percy and Charlie are.”

“How many bedrooms has that place got?” Fred asks, raising his eyebrows. Maddie smiles slightly.

“Seven, now,” she says, “we added another story.”

“It’ll be just like the Burrow in no time,” I add. Fred grins.

“You two really are Weasleys.”


I took a sick day to get this up, so I hope you like it!! The next few chapters will probably be kind of short, but then we can hit the sequel! HOORAY!!

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