Can't think of one... By: ZacharyC

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Title: Can't think of one...


Contrast of good and evil

Oh, my blessed love, run! Run for the wind, run for the sun!

The beast is loose, Nothing shall set again the noose,

Run my love! Run to your kindred in Shallot, run to your mothers-kin in Tartarus,

Run, please I beg of you! It cares for not but to feast, only in the hunt can it be sated,

My blessed bride how happy we could have been,

If only I had learned to control my demon,

If only I had died, then you may yet be alive.

Blessed father, please I implore with what little I have gained on earth, what little I have gained in death, spare my love. Please Yahweh I know no other to ask, to put the past in its own flask, and throw it into oblivion. Please father of time, mother of space, please help my loved one survive this, this torment that the demon of the stars has given him, Please even if it means I must be sent to Tartarus with my cursed kin.

Father of the deep, mother of the keep, come we must judge, we must decide if to bide adieu to her loved or to send her to hell and save his wretched soul.

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