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Chapter Three

'Be Like a Star; Beautiful to Look at, but Impossible to Catch'

Tyler walked up the hill. "Hello, Tyler!" Jason greeted.

"Hi." Tyler smiled and lied down where he usually did.

"Look, you can see Orion really clearly tonight." Jason pointed out.

"That poor lion..." Tyler sighed.

"I know right?" Jason agreed. "Why does he have to fling it over his shoulder, showing it off to everyone, like a trophy!"

They talked for a while, then Jason had to leave. "Hey, before you leave today, would you mind giving me your phone number?" Tyler asked.

"I would really like to Tyler, but my parents want me home now." Jason smiled apologetically. "Sorry, see you tomorrow!"

Tyler just watched him run over the hill.

The next few days, weeks even after that, Tyler tried and tried to get his number, but he never could. Jason always had an excuse, Tyler never thought much of it.

"Tonight, Jason?"

"Sorry, my parents stopped my plan for a little while."

"What about tonight?"

"Cell service isn't being nice, sorry!"


"I know what you're going to ask, but I'm getting a new phone from a different company... Sorry."

"Oh... It's fine then." Tyler said, and watched Jason leave.

Tyler just didn't get it... It's been almost a month and a half since he had met Jason... But Jason still found excuses to not give him his number. "Maybe I should stop pestering him for a bit." He sighed. "I'll ask him again in three days... Maybe then he'll give me his number!"

"Sorry Tyler..." Jason looked at his feet. He was wearing galaxy patterned All-Stars. "I-"

"No. I'm the one who should be sorry." Tyler finally came to that conclusion. "I was being too needy, also I just kept pestering you to give me it and... And, well... That's not right."

"Are you sure?" Jason asked.

Tyler gave him a little smile. "A hundred and ten percent."

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