“Is there supposed to be this much blood?” Gary ask nervously

“GARY STOP ASKING DAMN QUESTIONS AND GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME!” Olivia yelled in between heavy breaths.

     Gary stood back up running his hand threw his hair. He had no clue what to do. They were in a small wooden cabin in forest; the walls were bare and the only furniture was the twin bed his love Olivia was currently on giving birth.

 “AAAHHH!!!!” she wailed again causing him to run to her side and grab her hands. She was sweating profusely; her violet eyes glowing so brightly they could compete with light of a burning flame. “Ga-Gary she is almost here AHHHHH she is so strong” Olivia chokes out while gripping his hand so tightly he had to bite his lip not to scream himself. She released his hand finally and he gasped in relief. They made eye contact and he couldn’t help but think to himself that even though she was dirty and sweating from the labor and her long dark hair was wild, she still looked just as beautiful as she did the first day he saw her.

 Then she screamed “AAAAHHH SHE’S HERE! GARY GRAB HER NOW!!!!!” Gary moved as fast as he could just in time to see a small head covered in dark hair emerge from between Olivia . His breath caught in his throat; he had never seen anything so beautiful and slightly gross in his life.

“STOP GAWKING AND PULL HER OUT! DAMN IT! Olivia yells snapped him out of his trance. His hands were trembling, his heart pounding; he was a scientist not a doctor however now was not the time to mention that to the lovely screaming goddess giving the orders. He gently but firmly took the little head in hands and tugged.Olivia screams filled the air, her powers causing the bed to shake and wind to rip around the room. A moment later all was still, until a faint crying erupted from the little girl he was now holding in his arm. He softly wrapped her in a blanket and laid her in her mother’s arms. Just then the door to the cabin burst open.

 Gary reflexively jumped in front of the girls; he may be a human but he would die for them any day. He caught sight of the tall broad man with wild hair standing in the doorway panting hard, and he relaxed; it was just Kato.

 “Kato come meet your daughter” Olivia ’s soft musical voice spoke from behind him. Kato slowly walked over to the bed kneeling down in front of her. Gary turned away as they shared a kiss feeling his heart clench at the sight of it.

    She placed the newborn in Kato’s big arms and watched silently as the man looked upon his daughter with so much adoration and love. Kato’s nostrils flared and for a brief moment Gary saw fear in eyes. Kato kissed the little girl on her forehead reluctantly handing her back to her mother.

 “There is no time left the destroyers will be her in less than a minute, I will go hold them off with my life. Olivia I love you and our child, do what you must do.” Kato finished with authority.

   Gary watched on as claws broke free from Kato’s hands and fangs poured out of his mouth. Kato’s eyes glowed brighter than the moon as fur began to coat his skin. He gave a final nod at Gary before exiting the cabin into the darkness of the night.

 Gary turned back to Olivia as she used her powers to cut the umbilical cord from the belly of the girl. “Gary I need you to listen to me and listen well okay?” she said to him in a serious tone, he nodded in agreement for her to continue. “I am going to die tonight along with Kato while the destroyers take my daughter.” She spoke so calmly about such a tragic situation and tears immediately fell from his eyes.

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