49. Reassurances

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I woke with a heavy head and a heavier heart. I threw my legs over the edge of my bed and steadied myself before I headed into the bathroom, hoping the hot stream of water would clear my foggy head.

I groaned as the memories of my late night phone call came flooding back.  Well, the knowledge of the phone call did but I couldn't quite remember what I had said.

Jesus Christ, you stupid, stupid girl!  I screamed internally as I massaged conditioner into my hair.

Finally, after cleaning the sour taste of wine from my mouth I wandered towards the kitchen.  The smell of fresh coffee made me pause and look around for something I could use as a weapon.

"Relax Mia, it's me."

I gripped my towel tight as I took tentative steps into the kitchen.  I couldn't meet his eyes as I questioned why he was here.

"Look at me."  His voice was strong and commanding and I brought my eyes up to meet his.

"I'm here because you needed me here."  It was a simple statement but so accurate that I held back a sob.

"What the fuck are you doing to yourself babe?"  He asked as he stepped towards me, his rough hands resting on my bare shoulders.

I shook my head, a small whimper escaping my lips as I held back my tears. 

"I.. I..."  I couldn't speak as I searched his eyes for anything other than the compassion they held.

His strong hands gripped my waist and he sat me on the counter, my face level with his.

"I can understand your hesitance Mia, but don't ever question my fucking commitment."

His hands loosened my towel and it pooled behind me on the bench.

"Now, let's do this properly. Yeah?" He asked as his fingers stroked the length of my slit.

"You need to relax Mia and I know just the way to make that happen." He smirked as he pushed a single finger inside me, my moan enough to make him smile.

"You've been a naughty girl babe."  He whispered as he drew my nipple into his mouth. 

My back arched as his teeth tightened around it and his hand met my thigh.  Two fingers now pushing inside me in a steady pace.

"Since when don't you believe my fucking words Mia?"  He asked quietly as he kissed along my chest, his hand against my throat.

"Jay, I..."  A deep moan escaped me as he inserted another finger and pressed against that spot.

"What's with the doubt Mia?"  He prompted as he pulled me from the bench and turned me so my back was towards him. 

His hands moved slowly from my neck, across my chest and over my breasts.  One hand stayed and pulled me tight against his chest as the other moved down my belly until it rested between my thighs.

As he inserted his fingers back inside me, he moved his other hand to sit between my shoulders and pushed me until I was leaning over the bench.

"What is so fucking hard to understand Mia?  I want you, I want your body, I want your pussy.  I want your delectable ass.  What is so fucking hard to get about that?"

He buried his fingers deep inside me as he loosened his jeans, his rock hard cock rested against me as he continued.

"Do you feel that babe."  He asked as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.

"Yes."  I whimpered.

"That's for you.  Only for fucking you."  He said as he pulled my head back further and crashed his lips down on mine. 

As he kissed me, he removed his fingers and guided his hard cock inside me.

Moaning out in pleasure, I heard his matching groans.

Next thing I knew he had handed me his phone. 

"Call in sick Mia.  I'm gonna spend all fucking day making sure you think of nothing but my cock inside of you."

He still had a handful of my hair and he was still slamming inside me as I made the call to work and through deep breaths I claimed I was sick.

"Good girl."  He murmured against my neck as he took the phone from me and sat it on the counter.

His thrusts became deeper as he kissed me so hard I could feel my lips bruising.

Holding me in place so my eyes met his, his face turned serious.

"I love you baby, don't ever fucking doubt it.  I love you and I want you with me."

His lips crashed back onto mine and as he held me in place, he thrust so deep I cried out into his mouth.

"That's it baby, tell me how fucking good it feels."

"Oh god please..please Jay, don't..don't ever stop fucking me."  I screamed as my body convulsed.

"That's it baby girl, suck the life from my cock." He grunted as he stilled inside me and we exploded together.

"I'm not him Mia.  And you're not her."  He said quietly, his warm breath hitting my neck. 

"We've been hurt babe, both of us, but let's not let that destroy what we have together."

We were both silent as we thought over his words.

Jays hips rocked against me and I felt him coming to life inside me.

He pulled my head back and I looked deep into his beautiful green eyes. 

"I love you Mia."  He whispered, his voice raw with emotion.

"I love you too Jay. I'm so glad you're here." I whispered as tears rolled down my cheeks.

Jays kiss was gentle, but full of emotion.

"There's no where else I'd rather be." He whispered against my lips.

If it was possible, I think I fell in love with him even more right then.

"Now turn around and let me fuck my girl. I always keep my promises."

True to his word, he made sure I felt him inside me all day.

As I lay in his arms later, we discussed our plans for the future, the insecurities I'd felt only days ago were replaced with excitement.

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