Chapter 7: Meeting Vladimir & Vivi

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       "So where are we eating?" Onee-Chan looked at me.
"Ummm lets see, in the Sakura tree!" I jumped up and down.
Onee-Chan hugged me.
"You know, I can't control myself in your cuteness"
"Let's go" she said while dragging me down
"Kawai" the girl squealed in behind of us.
Mae's POV
       We found the Sakura tree and we took our bento.
We opened our bento.
I see Onee-Chan eye's sparkling
"Fancy Tuna!" She swooned at the food, she eat it.
"Delicious!" She is like in the heaven.
I giggle.
I eat the Vegetable Salad.
"Wahh~, very delicious" I closed my eyes and feeling the fresh salad.

Host's POV

       We where in the cafeteria waiting to the twins and Haruhi,
"There here, Tama-Chan!," Honey said pointing the twins.
"Hey, you devil twins! Where is my daughter?" He said angrily.

"Oh she's with someone special." The twins said in unison.
"And~ that person want to spend a lunch to her because they're didn't see for long." Another twin said.
"Could you shut up Tamaki for a minute" Kyoya said writing some in the black book.

"Don't be so overreacted."
"Anyway that's a girl you know"Hikaru mumbled
"She cute and pretty," Kaoru mumbling, they remember she hug them, they blushed, Kyoya notice it.
"We will meet her in the club later" they smirked.

"I wanted to meet her Takashi!" Honey said in happy tone,
Takashi agreed.
"No!!, I don't want that girl spend some time to my daughter!" Tamaki said.

"Where are they?" Honey said.
"We heard that they are eating in the Sakura tree."they. Said in unison.
Thet went to the nearest window and they see Haruhi was laughing and the girl was in the tree, they don't get a chance to the face of the girl to the other host.

"We didn't saw the girl's face" Honey said,
The bell ring end of the lunch, they see the haruhi and a girl was gone.
"Well, we're going to the class," the twins walk away
"We're going to the class too, !bye"
Honey said jump over to Takashi's shoulder.

"Let's go Tamaki" Kyoya walk away.
"Wait! Wait for me!" Tamaki followed him.

Mae's POV

        We finished eating our food, Onee-Chan walked away, but I staring at the Sakura tree,
"Thank you Sakura!" I bowed at her.
'You're welcome'
"Bye" I waved at the tree.

While Onee-Chan and I walking,
"Onee-Chan can we talked in private after we get home?" I smiled at her.
"Why not?" She smiled.
Someone wrapped me on my waist caused me to shriek.

"ONEE-CHAN" I cried.
And Onee-Chan smacked them.
She hold me in my wrist, pulled me closer, hugging me.
"Don't touch my lovely sister or I'll send you to hell" Onee-Chan said in dark tone that make us shivers.
"It's okay Onee-Chan! I was shocked that someone do that!" I said calming her.

I looked at the twins
"I sorry, she was overprotective to me since I'm little." I bowed to the twins
"Yeah! She making us scared at that!" Kaoru said.
"Maybe we have to go to the class before we late!" I said to them while walking.

We walked to the classroom.
"You have a test in the Science," the sensei said while passing our test, when she was in front me,
"I never see you around here, are you a student?" She smiled at me.
"I'm Mae Fujioka, a new student here." I stood and bowed.
"Politely girl, since you are a new student here, can you help me to carry this books in the library?" She said while carrying the thin books.

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