Chapter 13

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Camila woke up before Lauren that morning and smiled at how comfortable she was. She had Lauren head on Camila's chest whilst Laurens arms were over the baby's bump.

Running her hands through Laurens hair managed to wake the green eyed girl up.

"Morning Lolo"

"Good morning Camz, what are you doing today?"

"Not sure, why?"

"Well obviously I'm decorating the baby's room, so you cant be in the room for that because of the paint fumes, and you'll probably offer to carry heavy things and go in a strop when I tell you no" Lauren answered as she kissed Camila's cheek before getting up from the bed and getting clothes for herself. "Oh, I have your clothes still, well the ones that you left a while back, they're in the other wardrobe, don't worry no one has ever worn them, I wouldn't let them, the wardrobe is actually locked so no one could get in and wear them, anyways maybe you should go and get some more clothes because no disrespect babe, but the clothes you used to own wont fit due to our nugget"

"So basically you want me to go shopping for clothes whilst you decorate?"

"Yeah, I'll text the girls and check if they wanna help"

"Okay baby"

Lauren smiled as she went on her phone and opened up a group chat she hadn't used in a while.

Fab Five group chat
Lauren: wassup bitches?!

Ally: fabfive is back, praise the lord

Dinah: fuck yes fabfive, lets fuck shit up

Mani: sup guys? Just so you know Dinah is freaking out atm, like she's jumping up and down because we're using this chat

Dinah: where the fuck is walz?

Lauren: Camz doesn't have a phone, buuuuuut she's here

Lauren: with me

Lauren: for eternity

Lauren: hi guys - CC

Lauren: do you all wanna come over? I'm decorating the babys room and Camz is gonna go shopping for some clothes for herself

Ally: sure! BTW i know jai said he would come and help but he's being a dick and he has been avoiding my phone calls, so with all respect... Fuck him

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