Chapter 11

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Through the hallway, I had been fine, but as we approached the doors that contained Hunter's study I began to panic. I didn’t want to return to the place that I had first seen Hunter. "Do I really have to go in there...?" I whimpered, slowing so that I bumped into Cody behind me.

"Yes." He murmured, trying his best to calm me, I supposed. We stopped in front of the doors and I gulped nervously. Cody turned my shoulders so we were facing each other.

"Now I want you to listen to me. These are very dangerous and important people. They won’t care if you get hurt. Don’t offend them and try to keep quiet as long as you can. Stay close to me." He instructed

"What if Hunter calls me over to him?" I objected.

"Then go, I'll be watching. Hunter may trust these people, but I don’t. He’s endangering you by them just being here." Cody took his hands off my shoulders and opened the door, striding confidently in with me scurrying after him. The prince was seated at his desk, his feet up and his eyes expectant as he spotted me next to Cody. Three other men were seated in chairs in front of his desk. They didn’t look surprised to see Cody, but once they saw me they were instantly alert, eyeing me with the upmost interest. I swore I saw one of them lick their lips.

Hunter sat upright in his chair, returning his feet to the floor and beckoned me to him. I cast an anxious glance at Cody before I went to him, giving the guests a wide range. My original kidnapper followed close behind at my shoulder. Standing awkwardly until Hunter gestured to a chair next to him, I poised on the edge of it carefully. "Grace, this is Lord Harken, Sir Spyke, and Lord Egan, but you need not call them by their titles. Gentlemen, this is Grace, my fiancé." The three men nodded to me and two turned their attentions back to their Prince. Lord Egan still stared curiously.

His black hair was ran through with red stripes that nearly covered his dark gold eyes. The Lord didn’t look much older than me but these were vampires I was dealing with so his real age was unknown. His clothes were all black, from his jeans to his silk shirt. He smiled mischievously at me and I saw his fangs very clearly.

Lord Harken was dressed in the same manner; these men could easily have been rich. His silver hair was spiked in different directions that on someone else would look messy, but it suited him. Him and his blazing red eyes that is. I had no doubt that this vampire could hide in any shadow he wanted to.

Sir Spyke. I really couldn’t see why he was named that. In my honest opinion he should have been named Harken and let his friend sitting next to him have his name. It would suit him. He seemed much older and dignified then the others, his appearance was much more kept together. Of course, he was wearing black but he had on a long-sleeved dress shirt with slacks. His silver hair remained neat no matter how much he moved around and remained to shield his mysterious eyes. Spyke laughed at something Hunter said and I flinched back in surprise. His fangs were three times longer than the others; now I understood the name.

"Really Hunter, a human for the Princess of Vampires?" Harken was questioning. He was clearly not happy about his Prince's choice in brides.

"Yes. I believe it will be worth it in the end. There was another reason I have chosen her also..." Hunter trailed off flicking his eyes over to me before he turned to his computer and typed something into what looked like a chat box. A moment later he carried on his conversation, clearly avoiding the topic his guests had asked about in front of me.

Cody’s cell vibrated and he pulled out his phone to check the message; Hunter ignored him on purpose. Next thing I knew he was tapping me on the shoulder and gestured for me to rise; I was guided to the door. I had no doubt Hunter had sent the message to Cody to get me out of the room.

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