Chapter 24 - Advice

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Third Person's POV

Luke woke up because of the loud clattering downstairs. The cold winter breeze hit luke's topless body making him shiver and instantly grabbed his blanket, wrapping himself with it, before returning back to sleep.

after a few moments, luke hears the pans and utensils downstairs again. this time, he doesn't return to sleep and went to the bathroom instead. he decided to take a hot shower because he just feels like it. once he was done, he came out of the bathroom and went downstairs. he grabbed his towel and dried his hair as he walk down the stairs.

once he reached the kitchen, he saw calum with his back turned against him, pouring batter into a baking tray. calum heard shuffling behind him so he turned back and saw luke looking at him. 'oh you're awake. good morning.' calum said and smiled at him making luke furrow his eyebrows.

he's supposed to be mad, right?

luke greeted back a good morning and went to the fridge, pulling out a carton of milk. 'I made bacon and eggs and pancakes.' calum said and luke nodded before sitting down at the table, waiting for his favorite breakfast like a little kid. calum soon set down the food in front of him, making him awkwardly say a small thank you.

'uh, i made cookies and brownies so you can bring them at work and eat them for break.' calum said as he put the baking trays in the preheated oven. 'thank you.' luke said and calum made breakfast for himself and settled down in front of luke. 

they ate breakfast in silence and luke decided to break it. 'uh cal, i wanna say sorry for our supposed date yester-' 

'dont mind it. let's just forget about it and continue eating. you're very busy so i understand.' calum said and smiled at luke before returning back to his food. 'also, im cooking a small celebration later for new year's eve. so im gonna go to the grocery later.' calum said and drank his hot chocolate.

'do you want me to go with you?' luke asked and calum shook his head, 'you'll be late for work.' calum said and luke nodded. soon, the oven dinged and calum immediately pulled it out, cause it still needs to cool so luke can bring it to work. 

'i'm gonna go now. i'll see you later.' calum said and luke nodded. 


calum grabbed his bag and wallet before rushing to grab a cab to luke's work. calum let out a sigh once he got inside and tell the place to the driver. 

he reached luke's work and calum paid the driver and rushed inside the workplace. he doesn't know why but he badly needs to see luke. calum asked the receptionist where luke is and the receptionist said that luke is having a therapy session with his patient.

'i'll wait here, i'm not a patient, i'm luke's boyfriend.' calum said and the receptionist nodded before motioning to the waiting seats. calum sat down on the chairs, he doesn't know when the therapy session would end but he will keep on waiting. that is what he do the best.

'uh excuse me, are you waiting for your doctor?' calum looked up and saw a quite tall guy, he has raven hair and lots of tattoos all over his body. he looks like he is pakistani yet he also looks like british. 

'uh no, im waiting for my boyfriend. Dr. Hemmings.' calum said and the guy nodded. 'Dr. Hemmings is a nice guy, he's actually the most demanded doctor for patients in here, anyway, i'm zayn.' the 'zayn' guy said and calum shook his awaiting hand. 'i'm calum.' calum said and zayn nodded.

'luke will be out in 10 minutes.' Zayn said and calum nodded. 'also, if you don't mind, I wanna asked some advice.' calum said and zayn sat down beside him.

'so, its been like 5-6 months since luke and i got together. since then, we were very happy and it was perfect, until this last 2 months, luke has been so cold and he ignores me and avoids me sometimes, even yell at me for small things. to be honest, im very sad about it until now,this christmas, our friends visited us for a week and they noticed something is wrong with luke. luke's bestfriend which is my bestfriend's boyfriend, told me that i shouldn't give up on luke and i agreed to it. since the 4th month of our relationship i haven't gave up on him. I'm getting very tired of not giving up and im on the verge of it. i wanna asked you if i should give up or just, keep on going. but everytime i give up, he would always change my mind and turn my world around, over and over again.' calum said, looking down at his fingers.

'you know calum, i'm not gonna ask you to stop and give up, i'm not gonna ask you to keep on going either. the choice depends on you calum. if you love luke and would do anything for him, then don't give up. if you love luke yet you feel like giving up, then just, give up. Sometimes talk can help calum. confront him.'

'i already did that. it also changed my mind about giving up but after that, he continued with his attitude.'

'Let him know then. that he should stop asking you to trust him, while you're still coughing water from the last time that he let you drown.' zayn said and calum looked down. 'end things up calum, you know for yourself that it is the best.' zayn sadly smiled before standing up.

'i have to go now, luke will be out.' zayn said and smiled at calum. 'if you ever need advice, then call me. here's my calling card.' zayn said and handed the card to calum before walking down the hallway.

'mate, your boyfriend is there. waiting for you.' calum heard zayn's voice and calum stood up. luke appeared on the hallway, furrowing his eyebrows when he saw calum. 'calum? what are you doing here?' luke asked and calum shrugged. ''just wanted to see you.' calum said and luke shrugged. 'you shouldn't have come. i'll be back home right away anyways.' luke said a little harshly. calum just shrugged it off. 

zayn peaked at the two, shaking his head at luke, knowing that he gave calum the right advice. 


'3, 2, 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!' yells and screams echoed in whole neighborhood about the new year. all of the people in the neighborhood is out of their houses, looking up at the fireworks exploding in the air.

couples kissed, family hugged and everyone cheered, making calum feel out of place. he should be kissing luke right now, but the blonde is out, not even knowing where he had gone out.

he'll be taking zayn's advice. real soon.


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