They Never Knew Part 52

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The bold sentences are what the watchers think is being said in the new film that was found which they are watching that night.

26th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

As per the orders, everyone returned to the Smiths for not only another barbecue, but also a movie night. May and her family all came out too, thank goodness.

Dinner had just finished. The cleaning was just about done and tea and coffee was on the go while all the men organised the outdoor theatre for the movie we were going to watch. I was so excited since I was going to see the famous Bobby Joifield and his love, Maggie.

Of course there were a few others that some of these people, Reid's family, had known some years before. So the family started with some movies from a few years ago. They were big on them as part of family heritage to pass down on to the next generation so they wouldn't be forgotten by any one.

So we watched a few with Maggie and her Ron about the time that Annie had married her James. The few that were shown were lovely to watch with the kids telling us a little about the particular events at the time.

I noticed that quite a few of the little ones had been put to bed when I looked at Reid and nodded.

" Umm.. Excuse me everyone. We have something for you all." He started to say before looking back at me for a brief nervous moment which quickly caused me to stand up and move closer beside him.

" The past few days have really been wonderful and I am so glad that we have met you all and allowed us into this beautiful and wonderful family, so thank you. I haven't been involved in much since arriving. Joy knew I was still recovering from massive injuries which nearly killed me, but sadly did kill our baby, Ashur. " I stopped when I heard some sudden shocked breaths.

It wasn't easy for me to tell anyone this part of my life and I just grazed over the tip of it with that statement before continuing.

" So I have been watching and listening to how this family functions. You are all so well organised with the when and how of things. But for the life of me, I couldn't understand how on earth, this little thing managed to slip pass you all and go unnoticed for so many years." I said as I held up a roll of film in my hand.

A few of those who were close by to us saw what I was holding and gasped.

" I gave it to Reid to have it developed and transferred onto a USB along with having a few slide photo's done. But here is I think the last film of Bobby and Maggie that went unseen for decades." We said as others quickly stood up and moved forward to see what was in out hands. But it had to go to only one or two people.

Reid passed them over to Joy who held it in her hands and looked at it in wonder.

"How is this possible? I thought we had all the film and had them developed years ago." She was murmuring to us as the twins, her older brothers came up behind her for a look at what was now here.

"Let's put it on and watch it." Jarrod went on to say out loud as he took the USB from his sisters hand.

A moment later, I was sitting next to Joy with John on her other side and the film began... There might not be any sound, but the words spoken were clearly understood. They were so clear it felt like you could actually hear them...

"DON'T YOU BLOODY WELL TOUCH ME." We saw Maggie scream.

She looked at someone just out of shot before speaking again. Or more like screaming.

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