Chapter Eight

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   Here is another chapter, I'm glad many of you are enjoying my story! Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments because I love hearing from you guys.  Also this is fake story and is not based on real life events, at all. 


    When I was leaving the hospital, I went to the front office to get the bill. 

     "Hi yes, I am here to pick up the bill from room 243" I say looking at a nice woman with curly brown hair. 

   "Alright." She says and begins to type up my information. 

     "Oh, it looks like someone already paid for you!"

   "Oh, alright." I take out my phone and start walking towards my car. 

     "Hey thanks for paying for the hospital bill!" I text to Seth. 

     Seconds later, I get a respond.

    "What do you mean?" 


     When I walk into James' house it's silent like always. I mean why get a huge house if only he is going to be living there. It's ridiculous. 

   When I get to my room, I see a perfectly new clothes dresser and mirror.  That was really sweet that he bought me a new one. This dresser was a lot nicer with real marble. You could tell it cost a lot more than the other one.  

   "Do you like it? I feel like it matches the room a lot better."

   I jump, because I had no idea he was standing just right behind me. 

   When I see him, he is still in his suit and tie from a long day from work. His hair managed to stay the same. Whatever gel he has, it works great.  

  "Yeah, I do. I mean you didn't have to buy such an expensive one." I say. 

   "Why not? It's my room." 

    "Oh yeah, duh." I felt stupid. I can't believe I really thought he bought it for me. 

   We sat there awkwardly for a couple of seconds when I decide to bring up the hospital bill. 

   "Um, thanks for paying for my hospital bill." I look down at the floor when I say it because I can't look him straight in the eye after feeling so dumb.

   "It's not a big deal." 

   That's when I looked up. "I mean, it was for me. I was sort of dreading paying for it. I will pay you back." 

   "You can pay me back through work hours instead of running off with little boys that make you pass out." And with that, he walks out. Not giving me a chance to comment. 

   Running off with boys. Why does that even concern him. I want to feel like he is jealous but I don't because I had already took the dresser as a flirty gift when it wasn't. So I'm just going to take it as he is concerned for my health. 


    The next day, I had to work so I begin to mop all around his house. Because everything is hard floor. And after that I begin to clean out his huge garage. And it basically took me the entire day. James wasn't home and me and Seth had been texting all day just talking about random things. 

   I like his personality and the way he thinks. There was never a boring moment throughout our texts. 

    I don't know if there will ever be a thing with us but part of me hopes so. 

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