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Edward's POV:

It is almost midnight, and after deciding not to head to Nassau just yet; he drank with his men, not a care in the world, until...

"Lady Captain Lady Y/N of the B/N (boat name) who is a lady has docked!" A drunken sailor yelled as he walked into the tavern after being kicked out. Twice.

"Captain Y/N? I've never heard of him- er- her before-" I begin until I am shot with shocked glances.

"Eh? Captain Kenway: you've never heard of Miss. Y/N?!" A surprised pirate shouts.

"It's because she's way out of his league!" Another of pirate yells, and raises quite a few chuckles from around the tavern.

The laughing dies down when the click of boots comes from the door. Everyone eagerly looks to see a beautiful woman with (hair length) (hair color) hair, shining gold swords with matching pistols, and she wore a large captains coat that seemed too big for her and (outfit description)

Everyone in the room gasped as the woman confidently walks in and begins to walk towards me.

"Oi, Captain Kenway?" (My character has a Scottish accent, so just change anything Scottish and change it to whatever accent your OC has) The woman says as she places a hand on her hip. A few men cheer, and other shout jealous slurs, but my mind is only focused on the woman in front of me.

"Yes? Why are ya' asking?" I ask as I take another chug of my rum. She leans closer and whispers so only I can hear her.

"I heard from a little birdie that you killed a few of my men..." She growls.

"I kill a lot of people lassie, you're going to have to be more specific." I whisper back, looking into her eyes with a warning.

She lets out an annoyed huff of air and spins out her guns and then points then at me.

"Will this get you talking?" She says as she aims the pistols at the floor as if she were going to hand them to me.

"Is that a threat?"

"That's an offer, Captain. From the famous Captain Y/N of the B/N, I keep my word when I say these are worth more than the Jackdaw, and work beautifully." She says as I put my hand out to take them but she quickly pulls them back. "Ah-ah-ah" she says in a teasing tone, "I need what I want first, then you get your prize~"

"Wipe that smug grin off your face, fellow Captain, but like I said, I kill a lot of people..."

"Maybe this will spark a memory?" She snaps as she rolls up her coat sleeve to show a compass like symbol. "The two men were wearing a badge with this symbol. All I want to know is how did you capture them, and to hand over those badges, because I know you're not stupid enough to toss of those solid silver and gold badges..."

I sigh. "You are a persistent woman, aren't you? Well-" I say as I dig in my pockets for the two badges as toss them to her. She gives a happy smile for a second, then a gloom takes over her face. "-and as for how I captured the two was simple for a man of my talents. I just lured them onto my ship." I shrugged.

"Lured them onto your ship?! How in the Devil's name did you do that Anders, and Martinez?!" [generic last names are generic] Y/N yells as she slams her hand onto the table.

"Jaysus!" I jump back in surprise, as she snaps. "Well lured is one way to put it. What I meant to say is, I saved them from the guards, and in return they joined my crew, and died bravely in battle too..."

I hear her mutter a cuss, before tossing the pistols on the table. "A deal is a deal." She sighs.

I inspect them closely to see that they are perfect in quality, and are loaded. I go to say a snarky remark but when I look up the woman is mysteriously gone. I get up and run out of the tavern. I can't let her go that easily~

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