Chapter 12

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Lucy's POV:

I woke up feeling terrible and had a headache. What happened yesterday? I thought, then it came to me.

Mira and I kissed and then we made out. I started to freak. We almost.... did the thingy.

And this is all because of Erza.

I feel like crap, I need to go talk to her and tell her how I feel and ask her what happened. Quickly I got my jacket and ran to the guild.

I busted through the door and left a dent in the wall while doing so. As I walked in everyone stared at me shocked since I haven't come in a while. I looked around looking for Erza, but was left disappointed when I couldn't find her.

I stared intently at the bar and saw Mira. I was somewhat embarrassed to go towards her because of what happened. However if there was one person who knew where Erza was right now it would be her.

Slowly I walked up towards her, but she had her back facing me so calmly I asked for a drink.

"May I please have a glass of water?" I said.

"Of course just a moment please." Mira replied in a gentle voice.

As she turned around she saw me and looked upset quickly turning back to where she was.

"Wait Mira I know what happened yesterday was awkward but I have to know where Erza is." I said quickly.

"I understand and  I still have feelings for you, but don't worry. Its okay. Erza should be in her room." Mira said with a slight smile.

"Thank you" Lucy embraced Mirajane ina tight hug before running away to look for Erza.

As Lucy walked up to the door of Erza's room, she could hear someone sobbing. She knocked on the door and waited for a reply.

"Um... I'm busy at the moment,please leave." Erza voice was hoarse, probably from the crying.

"Erza, it's me Lucy. Please open the door."

Right after she says that the door flies open and I'm held in a deep embrace. Not knowing what to do i immediately return the hug.

"Lucy please forgive me for whatever I did I miss you so much and I cant live without you." Erza sobs into my shoulder.

Slowly Erza and Lucy both walked back into Erza's room. Lucy sets Erza on the bed and held her as she cried.

"Why did you leave me Lucy. What did I do. Please i need to know."

"Erza I - "

"Please I'll do anything. I cant live without you. You are my one and only, my one love, my partner in crime,my -"

"Erza!....shut up"

Immediately Erza stops talking and crying. Well at least tries to.

"Look. The reason I left was because i saw you with Jellal and I thought you two were on a date."

"I-I Lucy what are you talking about? Jellal and I never went on a date. I don't even like him like that."

"B-but i saw you eating cake at the park together."

"He was asking me advice to ask Meredy out and what he should get her."

"Baby I-I...."

Omg its been like two years. I'm sorry guys its just I'm a lazy piece of 💩 and yeah. I'm not really into this fairytail anymore and I'll probably be ending this book soon. If you guys have any ideas I'll probably keep this book longer.

                      -  TheVampireUnicorn

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