Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

I didn’t know what was going on but whatever it was it was scaring the hell out of me. The sparks were anything but painful but the intense yearning I suddenly felt to touch him, to be around him was terrifying me. I hadn’t expected for him to want to touch me so I hadn’t bothered to try and avoid his fingers, thinking that he would hastily pull them away when I got to close to his liking. But when he didn’t, when I touched him and felt the sparks I couldn’t help but want to get away from them, fearing that if not I would have followed my urges to jump him right there and then.

Never before had I felt anything like it, the feeling shooting from where we touched as it seemed to ignite my body and wolf to a limit which I didn’t think was possible. Both the flower and the food were forgotten as I tried desperately to get away, thinking that he was playing some cruel joke or trick on me for his packs amusement. I could hear them downstairs murmuring, but I knew that Adrian would be able to hear them as clear as day with his more than impressive senses.

“Hey, hey it’s alright” he tried to sooth my nerves but I couldn’t help but look around wildly, his voice both calming me and panicking me. It wasn’t alright, of course it wasn’t alright! How could everything be ok when what I was feeling was far from normal? I shouldn’t be feeling this way!

Whimpering I continued to back away further up the bed I was on, my eyes still wide as I tried to get away from him. I wasn’t scared of him, but I was terrified of what I just felt, and not to mention the fact I actually wanted more of it. I liked the feeling, but that didn’t mean I understood what it was, what it meant.

“Sweetheart, everything’s ok” he tried again but I want listening, my eyes wildly scanning the room for an exit. He seemed to cotton onto my thoughts instantly as his form stiffened as if he was preparing to pounce on me, though he seemed to force himself to relax when I suddenly started to have trouble breathing correctly. What was he going to do? Was he bored of me already? Was he going to kill me? Suddenly that thought didn’t seem all that appealing anymore, as if my wolf had suddenly found something worth living for.  

“No” I found myself whispering, my breathing turning into desperate puffs of air as he suddenly seemed to get a pained and panicked expression on his face. I didn’t like it, I didn’t like to see him so upset so my panic only increased as I stared in his emotion filled eyes. Why did he have to look so beautiful to me?

“Calm down, deep breaths” he soothed in such a soft tone that I found myself listening to him, my hand clutching my chest through the fabric of the shirt where my heart was beating rapidly as I tried to calm myself. I found I wanted to listen to him, my wolf purring inside of me and the feeling was so strange that I couldn’t help myself as I found myself craving more of it. My wolf had never felt so content, so happy and I soon found myself relaxing. 

“That’s it! Good girl!” he praised with a smile, one that I couldn’t help but return shyly. Why was he affecting me so much? I knew it wasn’t normal, I wasn’t good with people as a whole but I couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t exactly me personally, but rather the way I was brought up with everyone isolating themselves from me.