Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

I didn’t know what was going on but whatever it was it was scaring the hell out of me. The sparks were anything but painful but the intense yearning I suddenly felt to touch him, to be around him was terrifying me. I hadn’t expected for him to want to touch me so I hadn’t bothered to try and avoid his fingers, thinking that he would hastily pull them away when I got to close to his liking. But when he didn’t, when I touched him and felt the sparks I couldn’t help but want to get away from them, fearing that if not I would have followed my urges to jump him right there and then.

Never before had I felt anything like it, the feeling shooting from where we touched as it seemed to ignite my body and wolf to a limit which I didn’t think was possible. Both the flower and the food were forgotten as I tried desperately to get away, thinking that he was playing some cruel joke or trick on me for his packs amusement. I could hear them downstairs murmuring, but I knew that Adrian would be able to hear them as clear as day with his more than impressive senses.

“Hey, hey it’s alright” he tried to sooth my nerves but I couldn’t help but look around wildly, his voice both calming me and panicking me. It wasn’t alright, of course it wasn’t alright! How could everything be ok when what I was feeling was far from normal? I shouldn’t be feeling this way!

Whimpering I continued to back away further up the bed I was on, my eyes still wide as I tried to get away from him. I wasn’t scared of him, but I was terrified of what I just felt, and not to mention the fact I actually wanted more of it. I liked the feeling, but that didn’t mean I understood what it was, what it meant.

“Sweetheart, everything’s ok” he tried again but I want listening, my eyes wildly scanning the room for an exit. He seemed to cotton onto my thoughts instantly as his form stiffened as if he was preparing to pounce on me, though he seemed to force himself to relax when I suddenly started to have trouble breathing correctly. What was he going to do? Was he bored of me already? Was he going to kill me? Suddenly that thought didn’t seem all that appealing anymore, as if my wolf had suddenly found something worth living for.  

“No” I found myself whispering, my breathing turning into desperate puffs of air as he suddenly seemed to get a pained and panicked expression on his face. I didn’t like it, I didn’t like to see him so upset so my panic only increased as I stared in his emotion filled eyes. Why did he have to look so beautiful to me?

“Calm down, deep breaths” he soothed in such a soft tone that I found myself listening to him, my hand clutching my chest through the fabric of the shirt where my heart was beating rapidly as I tried to calm myself. I found I wanted to listen to him, my wolf purring inside of me and the feeling was so strange that I couldn’t help myself as I found myself craving more of it. My wolf had never felt so content, so happy and I soon found myself relaxing. 

“That’s it! Good girl!” he praised with a smile, one that I couldn’t help but return shyly. Why was he affecting me so much? I knew it wasn’t normal, I wasn’t good with people as a whole but I couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t exactly me personally, but rather the way I was brought up with everyone isolating themselves from me.

It was a few minutes later until I had managed to get a grip on myself, my breathing returning back to normal but I fought my urges to crawl into his arms. I didn’t even know him, the only thing I knew was his name was Adrian and he was the alpha of the vicious ‘Jewel Pack’ who had a reputation of being the most dangerous and threatening. It didn’t exactly help to sooth my nerves.

I continued to watch him shyly as he continued to smile at me, my gaze returning to his hand where the flower still sat unaffected in the vase. I knew to most out there it would sound incredibly foolish for a simple flower to have such a calming effect on me, but I had given up caring what people thought of me a long time ago, but thinking that I couldn’t help but want Adrian to like me, my wolf only purring in agreement as she herself found herself craving the company of his own wolf.

“You ok now sweetheart?” he asked worriedly causing me to look at him with a slight tilt of my head. It was another thing that was confusing me, I had no idea whatsoever why he was doing this for me. I mean there had to be a reason right, everyone had a reason for acting so strangely and I couldn’t help but find myself curious to what it was. I wasn’t brave enough to ask though, but that didn’t mean my curiosity got any easier to hold back.

Nodded slightly I saw his grin widen, my own lips seemingly curving up into their own smile as I couldn’t help but blush slightly until his bright gaze. My reaction only seemed to delight him more, his mouth pulling into such a wide grin that I couldn’t help but worry that his face might split because of it. Even so though I couldn’t help but find a shudder of delight run through me, as if the fact I was making him happy was what I was put on this earth to do. It was such a strange, such an out of the ordinary feeling that I couldn’t help but find my curiosity increasing. Again I kept silent though, not wanting to comment on it and for things to become either awkward or dangerous on my part.

“You still hungry, you didn’t eat a lot?” he asked with concern as his gaze flickered to the still full plate which sat on the bed, thankfully it hadn’t fallen over when I had unfortunately had the beginnings of a panic attack. It wasn’t the first time it had happened to me, but it was definitely the first I hadn’t passed out because of it. I put it down to the fact that nobody seemed to care whether I lived or not in my old pack, the fact I could say old when I referred to them making both me and my wolf to purr out in delight.

“I’m fine thank you” I whispered back, my fingers playing with the edge of the shirt I was wearing before I blushed deeply when it occurred to me that he must have changed me when I had no choice but to shift back. I couldn’t help but feel my flush intensify as I continued to think about it, had he seen me naked? If so why did he still seem so interested in me, I knew I wasn’t the prettiest person in the world so why was such an attractive and handsome alpha taking the time out of his day for me? Didn’t he have a mate to warm his bed, to cook and look after him? The thought that there was someone else pained me more than I cared to admit; was he really affecting me so much in the very short time that I had known him?

“Are you sure? Do you want something to drink?” he asked eagerly as he made a move to get up, his hasty action causing me to flinch back without even realising it. I could tell my reaction pained him, but I couldn’t help it since I had lived all of my life in fear of being hit and beaten and it was unfortunately natural for me to shun away even if I felt strangely safe with him.

“Sorry” I mumbled as I tried to force my body to relax, not being able to look him in the eye as I let my gaze wonder around his room instead. It really was a nice room I thought, it was plain and simple which was exactly what I liked even if I didn’t realise it until now.

“It’s fine sweetheart” he replied, but I could tell it was strained which only made my guilt rise. He had been so nice to me and I was making his life hell, I mean I would have already tried to escape if it wasn’t for the fact not only did my whole body protest again it but surprisingly my wolf did as well. For that reason I stayed put; even if it turned out to be the death of me.

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