Together at last

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After a while of Linus apologizing and groveling at Rylan's feet, I decided to make dinner. But of course, my plans now included fighting off a horny cub that not only tried to sneak food but attempted to feel me up. And said cub was currently sliding his hands under my shirt, over my abs as he pressed his chest into my back.

"Linus, I'm trying to cook, go tease Ry or something" I tried to bargain, although his touch felt so good. He ran his hands over me one more time before he set off to find Rylan, and I feared for our little mate. With the mating season so close, both Linus and I were feeling the rut start to take over. But last year it had been worst, without Linus around, we weren't able to placate our animals.

But at least we hadn't been as bad a Linus, I could feel him through the bond, trying to fight the rut by sleeping in my room, surrounded by our scents. He had almost no way of satisfying his cravings and pleasuring himself had only made it worst.

Yet there was no doubt in my mind that this season would be a lot more intense for all of us.

Linus's POV

After Leo had shooed me away from the kitchen, I went in search of our second mate, who took to hiding after he had gotten an erection in front of me. "Rylan, come out, come out wherever you are," I said in a teasing voice as I walked into the master bedroom.


Rylan held his breath as Linus strode around the room, but thankfully, he'd neglected to look under the bed. Why was he hiding, you ask, well he couldn't help but create a bit of a chase. He knew that tigers loved to work a bit at finding and claiming their mates, but while deep in thought, he didn't realize that Linus had stopped until he was pulled from under the bed.

He was gently tossed onto the bed, making him giggle a little as he bounced up an down until Linus crawled on top of him. That giggle quickly turned into a gasp of pleasure when Linus pushed up his shirt and ran his tanned had over Rylan's pale skin. Rubbing his pink nipple that instantly hardened from the touch.

Goosebumps broke out over Rylan's skin, and he arched his back off of the bed as he silently asked for more of his touch. Whipping of both their shirts, Linus began grinding his jean covered crotch over Rylan's, pulling a broken moan from him. The sound urged Linus to kissed and suck at any exposed flesh, leaving his mark all over Rylan's smooth skin.

"Please, more" he begged as Linus un-buckled his pants, freeing his hard member. And without warning, he pulled his cock into his mouth, sucking on the hot piece of flesh. Rylan mewled and spread his legs wantonly, giving Linus more access.

All while Leo watched from the doorway, dinner was long finished and he couldn't bear to break them up. He pulled his cock from his pants and stroked, watching as his brother went down on Rylan.

The sight caused a drop of pre-cum to grace the head of his cock, and he walked forward towards Rylan, whose eyes were tightly shut. With a caress to his cheek, he opened his eyes and immediately took Leo's cock into his mouth. Leo moaned and ran his hand through Rylan's pitch black hair, stroking the locks with the most care imaginable.

Rylan could feel his impending orgasm, and he welcomed it, after all, he had his mates here with him. His two very sexy mates, and with that, though he came, spilling his seed into Linus's mouth, just as Leo came into his.

Pulling away he panted as caught sight of Linus's massive cock that was peaking out of the waistband of his pants, the strained head an angry red color. He reached forward to grasp it when Linus caught his hands before they could reach their target.

"If you touch me, I'll be inside you before you can blink, and I at least want to take you and Leo on a date before that" he clarified when Rylan gave him confused look.

After their intimate actions, they cleaned up before going downstairs to eat dinner, and of course, throughout the meal, Linus continued to tease his mates with fleeting touches. Especially, Leo, he had already pleasured Rylan, and now he wanted to take the time to pleasure his other mate.

"Anyone up for a run?" Leo questioned as he cleared the table of empty bowls, narrowly dodging Linus's attempts at groping him.

"Sounds like a plan, my wolf is eager to meet his other mate's tiger" Rylan admitted as got up and stretched. After living in an actual house, Rylan had put on some muscle, and was no longer stick thin. Although his six foot five mates still made him look just as fragile as he did when he first came into their lives.


I was so hard right now, Linus had succeeded in getting me all hot and bothered with his touches, but I refused to acknowledge it. He needs to work a little more before I'd give him so leeway. And plus, two could play at this teasing game.

As we walked outside, getting ready to shift, I began to remove each article of clothing slowly. Circling my hips, when I saw that I had gotten his attention, he stared at me with unrivaled lust and need. But all too soon I shifted into my massive tiger, flicking my tale up at him in a very teasing manner as I glided over to Rylan. 

He was almost completely naked, and from the blush that graced his face, I could tell he had also witnessed my performance. With a lick to his bare thigh, he finished undressing and shifted into his grey wolf with a white overcoat.

My tiger took up grooming said coat until I felt a head press against my broad shoulder and heard a chuff. I turned to my twin, who was practically basking in the attention he was receiving from us.

With one last lick to Rylan's pelt, we stood up and started our run, enjoying the freedom and unity we received from running together. I could feel my mates' happiness through the bond, and that in return satisfied both me and my tiger. As we approached an open field, we took to play fighting until we were all out of breath on the ground.

Rylan even shifted back and fell asleep, his bare body curled up on the soft grass with an innocent look on his face. And the moonlight illuminated his pale skin, making him appear as if he was a porcelain doll laying among the foliage. With one last awe-filled look at our mate, I shifted and stood, picking up Ry in the process and prompting Linus to stand up as well.

We walked back to the house in a comfortable silence, Linus reaching over ever so often to caress Ry's hair or exposed flesh. When we reached the place where we abandoned our clothes, we only picked them up and continued into the house. After depositing Rylan on the bed upstairs and putting on a pair of night pants, I went downstairs in search of a book to read. Little did I know that I was being watched.

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