"Holy fuck," I mumble, making my way towards the master bathroom. I stand in front of the double vanity and look at myself in the mirror.

Honestly? I look like shit. My hair is greasy and my eyes are red from all of the crying that I've done today. Sleep sounds pretty nice right about now. I just want to forget everything, and I wish that things would go back to normal, no matter how horrible and boring normal might be. I use both of my hands to smooth down my hair, as I look off into space.

All of the sudden, a knock on the bedroom door jolts me out of my thoughts. I drop my hands quickly, freezing in place, not knowing if I should say something.

"Hey, it's me..." I hear Natalie say from outside the room.

I sigh, glad that it's not Braxton, Asher or my... birth parents? I don't think I am ready to face any of them just yet.

I leave the bathroom and make my way back over to the main room. "Come in," I say, positioning myself on the bed so I'm leaning against the headboard.

Natalie opens the door and walks in, giving me a light smile. She closes the door behind her before making her way over to the bed. She gives me a look, like she's asking if she can sit. I nod twice, so she does.

"How are you feeling?" she asks me, almost like she isn't really sure what to say.

"Fine, I guess... confused," I admit after a few minutes.

"That's normal, it's a lot to take in," Natalie replies.

"Am I really a werewolf?" I ask. For some reason, Natalie's word is more believable to me.

Natalie nods in response. "You are."

"How do you know?" I ask her.

"Well, I trust my Alpha for one. But, your scent proves it too."

"My scent?" I question, scrunching up my nose. "I thought that the Alpha... I thought that Braxton had to bite me so I could have the scent."

Natalie shakes her head. "I mean you're right that Braxton has to bite you for the pack scent, however all werewolves smell like they are werewolves. I mean... I can tell if someone is a werewolf immediately based on their scent. You can also tell what pack they are in and who they are mated to, but those two scents are acquired from bites."

"Mated? What does that mean?" I ask her, confused by the term that has been thrown around so often.

Natalie's eyes widen, kind of like she realized that she wasn't supposed to mention that. She covers that look up in a few seconds and answers my question anyway. "You've heard the saying that wolves mate for life, right?" When I nod, she continues, "Well when a werewolf finds the one, their mate, they bite each other on the left side of their necks, where their throat meets their collarbone. It shows all other wolves that they have a mate... that they are taken."

"Do you have a mate?" I ask. In my mind I know that her mate is Asher, but I don't want to say it out loud, just in case I am wrong.

A smile lights up Natalie's face and I can't help but do the same. "Yeah, Asher is my mate. He found me when he turned 16," she explains.

"Found you?" I ask, confused by her wording? Did they not date?

"Well here's the thing. A werewolf's mate is predetermined by the Moon Goddess.  This is because mates are supposed to be your perfect other half.  You complete each other.  You make each other stronger." Natalie says. "You can sense your mate once you have gone through your first shift. Only one of you has to, because it's your wolf's heightened senses that can determine who their mate is. So once Asher shifted, he realized that we were mates."

"And you lived happily ever after?" I ask, ignoring the pang of jealousy I feel in my heart.

"Yeah, we lived happily ever after," Natalie smiles.

"That's cute," I can't help but mentioning. "So your wolf can sense your mate? How did you know that he was your mate if you hadn't shifted yet?"

"Well first off, mates are very serious to werewolves," Natalie explains. "No one lies about that kind of thing. So if someone tells you that you are their mate, they are telling the truth. Also, males especially tend to act like possessive, love-struck idiots around their mates, so that is always a dead giveaway. And you can just tell. Like just being around them makes you happy, you feel fireworks whenever you touch, your heart flutters when someone just mentions their name, they just feel right –"

My eyes widen as Natalie starts to list off the ways in which she could tell that Asher was her mate, even when she hadn't shifted yet. Every single one of those things is something that I have felt before... all around a certain somebody.

"Oh my god," I mumble, my heart beating a hundred times faster than it was a few minutes ago.

Natalie stops talking and looks at me with worry.

"No..." I say, my hand shooting up to cover my mouth. I think I'm going to throw up.

Natalie stares at me with a knowing look in her eye. She nods.

"It can't be!" I yell, unable to help myself.

Natalie continues nodding. "It can be. Brynn... you're Braxton's mate."


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