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Casually picking up the glass, Náriel leaned back against her chair. Sipping slowly on the sweet content, she looked to the ceiling. In truth, she wasn't actually that hungry. Yet she found that as soon as she started eating – which first starting off from picking – she was soon quickly eating, hardly stopping to drink to wash the mouthfuls down.

"Huh," she hummed out and looked to a piece of paper which was tucked under her plate. She had only just noticed it now because she had finished eating. Feeling rather content and fulfilled she was lounging against the chair again. Finally drinking the rest of her drink, she had glanced back at the tray and seen the shocking white paper which seemed to stand out against the silver of the tray. She had mistaken it for a serviette.

Moving towards the tray again, one hand put the glass down while the other tugged the paper out. Her eyes glanced down at the neat writing, raising an eyebrow at the inviting words, Náriel sipped on the glass and put it down again. "The Great Hall," she repeated from the paper. Wasn't it enough that she had spent most of yesterday in there? Now Thorin was asking her to meet him there, for whatever reason she did not know. It all sounded so suspicious, yet she saw no foul deeds from this. The note hadn't simply got those words and her name. It had also got an apology written upon the crisp paper for not being around much today, which she found mildly amusing. Shrugging and folding the note up, she walked over to one of the bags which her belongings for the month had been packed in. Kneeling down, she tucked it inside a pocket on the inside. Leaving this laying around could cause drama for that she knew.

Standing back up and straightening out her dress she moved over to the bed and sat down slowly. Pushing herself back she leaned against the headboard and looked slowly down at her hands. She had hours to wait until to specific time to meet came. Looking to the side, she reached out and picked up the book she had taken out from the library.

It was just some story out of many on the shelves which she took interest in. Opening it slowly she smiled, it was clear that the elven copies were hardly used. The paper didn't look worn down at all. The spine hadn't been bent from all the use. Sighing quietly she took to reading.

While lost in the words, she did half expect the Elvenking to appear and see her. He didn't, Náriel deduced that he probably wouldn't see her until tomorrow. Leaning forward so she could see the moon from the balcony, Náriel stood slowly. Putting the book on the bed she turned and walked out of her room.

Smiling when Aranhi suddenly appeared, Náriel looked down at the tray. She had purposely picked it up. Of course she had her suspicions about a guard being at her door. "I'm just going to return this." She said only to see Aranhi shake his head. He took it from her hands, using the excuse that it'd be simpler just for him to return it to the kitchen than escort her there, he promptly told her to return to her room. Seeing as how she turned the handle and stepped through, he turned on his heels and walked off quickly.

Ducking back out just to see the tail end of Aranhi walk briskly around the corner, Náriel sighed. Making a popping noise she trotted out. Shutting the door she walked in the opposite direction to him. Putting her hands behind her back she kicked up her feet and looked to the ceiling. She, if anything, was more than happy that Aranhi was kind enough to take the tray back to the kitchen than her. Although she knew where the kitchen was of course.

Smiling to herself she couldn't believe that he'd fall for such a diversion. She could only imagine the reaction he'd have upon noticing her not in her room. She was still smiling to herself when she walked through the large doors of the hall. The hall was lit lowly, torches shone brightly with an orange glow. There was just enough light for her to see where she was going. Her smiling to herself didn't go unnoticed. Thorin looked at her curiously.

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