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You were fast asleep next to him as he watched the steady rise and fall of your chest. He never felt so much love and admiration for someone, and he was so damn happy to have you as his. He loved everything about you; physical and mental.

Finally, he couldn't take how cute you looked and leaned down to place a gentle kiss on your lips, and in response he got the fluttering of your eyes opening, and a soft smile.

"How long have you been watching me sleep." You giggled, and stretched your limbs a bit before staring into his eyes.

"A while, but it's your fault, little lady." He mumbled, pulling you closer into his warmth. "You made me fall in love with you, and now I can't get enough."


She woke up feeling something warm against her body, not being use to having MC next to her made her body react to her every touch. Was Jaehee really complaining though? You were snuggled into her side with a content look on your face, and it made her smile. You were her source of true happiness with Jumin working her to the bone and that darn cat leaving her hair everywhere. She didn't want to wake you up so she pressed a feather light kiss on your forehead and let the soft beat of your heart lull her back to sleep.


He had to get ready for work, but with the way you basically slept on top of his chest made it impossible to do so without waking you up. He knows you fall asleep like that on purpose so he can't leave you without saying goodbye, but he loves for you to call him later on to whine about him leaving. Knowing he had two choices in this situation, he let a small smile slip onto his face before sending a quick text to Jaehee to tell her he'd be late.

"You win this time."


As always, he had stayed up working on a project that you couldn't know about, so you were awake before he was. You ran your hands through his wonderful red hair that was soft to the touch, and simply thought about life. You did this often, feeling so lucky to have Saeyoung as yours. You didn't even notice that his eyes had slightly opened to peer at his little angel who was pleasingly touching him. You may not know this, but he feels the same way about you, watching you fall asleep every night he couldn't help but fall deeper in love with you.

"Well, isn't this a fine way to wake up. ~" 


He was in a dead sleep, drool coming out the side of his mouth as you could see the dark circle in his eyes. You sighed as you brushed his blonde hair away from his forehead, and placed your lips gently on it. One day, that game is going to kill him, but you had no doubt in your mind that he would die happy. He had classes soon, but how could you wake up the cute boy? Simple, by kissing him so swiftly that his eyes snapped open and his face tuned red as a tomato.

"MC, I don't know what that was for but please do it again."

A\N: Short and fluffy, just how I love it.

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