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Chapter 18 - Bickering


I jumped at the sound of my name and rushed out of the tent to see that all the men we travelled here with were assembled. I was immediately surrounded, given pats on the back and some well wishes until I found myself facing Caleb.

"Well lass, I get this be where we part ways."

I nodded and my voice echoed his regret when I replied. "I hope the new settlement gets laid down quickly."

While a quiet man he had always seemed thoughtful and wise. He was definitely not one to make any rash decisions like I so often found myself doing, and for that I had to respect him. Even when he thought us a danger to his people, he waited for the others to come back before deciding our fate, and I knew that now we'd gained his trust he would remain a good friend. This was one man I would happily have at my back in a fight.

"You two will be welcome here always" He said warmly.

"Thank you Caleb, I hope I'll get the chance to visit again."

We clasped arms and nodded a farewell to each other. I knew I'd miss him something terrible.

He smiled at me warmly once more before drifting off to the rest of the group.

Next I found myself facing Brice, who drew me forward and pulled me into a rough and quick hug. Surprised I hugged him back uncertainly. This was not the type of behaviour one would expect to see with a man like him.

But then again, I'd learned quickly that while he could growl like a bear and pull out the claws, he could also be more soft and kind than most.

"T'was an honor fightin' you lass, an I won't be forgetting I be owing you me life."

I smiled warmly, feeling a deep bond to this great bear of a man. "There are no debts between friends Brice, and either way I believe we're even owing to a certain fire not long ago." He grinned and ruffled my hair affectionately.

"I'll be expectin' a rematch one day lass."

I laughed. "I look forward to it." I knew I'd be missing him a great deal too, already he felt like a second father to me.

Brice gave me another quick hug and I looked over his shoulder at the others. John was watching my exchange with an annoyed look on his face, but when he met my gaze grinned sheepishly and went back to talking with Rory.

Now what was that about?

I turned back to Brice feeling puzzled, and told him to accompany Rory on his next trip to the castle.

"I surely will, what with the wonders ye been telling me of."

His eyes twinkled and we chatted on about what had been going on while I had been unconscious.

"Ay, the village be comin' along well, we set up one big house so's everyone has a roof over their heads. A fair nice bit 'o ground was cleared by the fire too so it's bigger now"

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