2. Change of life [2]

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Zariana Cruz:

"Alright, alright, Darrin what's the problem?" It was currently six in the morning and I was on the phone with my brother who was nagging me out my sleep.

"Where are you, and why aren't you home?" He sounded as though he was in a panic, something that made me sit upright in the bed.

"I'm at a hotel, my boss thought I would be a good idea for me to be at a hotel, so she can help me get on my feet better," Shaking my head I threw the covers off my body and sat at the edge of the bed. "What are you doing down here anyway?"

Darrin lived out of state on his own, after high school he went to college with a full ride from Alabama state university to play for their team then soon got drafted in the NFL to play for the New England patriots.

"Which hotel I'm coming to get you right now."

"The Hyatt Place Darrin why are you down here?" Sighing I looked around the room but laid back down.

"I had this gut feeling that something wasn't right, like somebody was setting my little sister up."

"Oh, Darrin you always have that gut feeling, what makes it so different now?" Playing around with my hair I pulled the covers over my body and got comfortable again.

"It's been going on for weeks now. I even ran out the game to come get you. I need to know that you're safe and the best place is with me."

Sighing heavily, I threw the covers back off me and slid on my shoes. Running out of a game is super serious when it comes to football, you can either get benched the rest of the season or worse the couches could let you go. So, for him to say that means something was really bothering him.

"If what you're saying is true, I'm going to check out the hotel now and wait for you in the lobby," Grabbing my things I walked out the hotel room with the key and walked towards the elevator.

"Why all of a sudden your boss so interested in your personal life so much?" Darrin question and I heard the rapid wind in the background.

"Darrin, I don't know, I was going to walk home, and she just insisted that she'll take me home herself. Then we got the talking and she started having this sad guilt look and started taking about how she wouldn't feel right about me being at my house and my living conditions. She just got really weird." Now looking back at the events earlier in the night I couldn't believe I didn't see her as being weird, but now it was kind of strange how she just automatically started to care. Don't get me wrong she's a very great boss to joke around with but this was something to suspect.

"That sound like she's trying to set you up; did you even see her pay for the room?" There was a screeching halt in his background and a door slamming behind him.

Pressing down on the elevator the doors instantly open. I stepped on and pressed the lobby button and quickly pushing them close button.

"Well the doors to the elevator is closing now so I'll be down there in a few second and to be honest I don't even know, some guy that was staring at me caught my attention way more than her," As the doors opened I walked to the front desk and handed them the key.

"Already leaving ma'am?" The desk receptionist asked as she looked up from her computer screen.

Before I got to speak the card was snatched from my hand and placed on the counter.

"Zari, let's go now."

Grabbing on my arm he pulled me out of the hotel and towards his car.

"Well dang Darrin I just was about to speak to her, that was rude of you," I huffed as I blew a piece of hair out my face.

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