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"Julie! Will you stop bugging me about my cell phone already? I really just want to talk to you about everything instead." After a few beats a silence she finally speaks up and gives me a simple "Fine." Groaning, I sit back against her head board and fiddle with my thumbs as I take a deep breathe in.

"Sorry to be snappy." I gently reply. "It's cool, Addison. Why are you being like this though?" To be quite honest, I'm not even sure. I've been so moody lately and been drowning in my thoughts. It's nearly suffocating.

"Ever since, I got accepted to NYU... I just been over the edge. Not knowing what to do or what to expect from everything. It's honestly getting the best of me." I sit there, and look up at my best friend giving a sympathetic smile, trying my best to be strong and not let everything get to me. Who am I kidding though? This might be one of the most stressful days, weeks, maybe even months of my whole life.

"You'll do fine, I'm one hundred percent sure. Maybe even one hundred and ten percent." I giggle at my best friend, knowing I should calm down.. at least when I'm around her.

"Alrighty, Julie. I guess I'll take what ever you say and stash it because I'll be needing it once this last school year is over." I think to myself and go into deep thought of how my life will be once this school year is over, but most importantly when the summer is over and I have to face NYU...

"Dude, if you keep dwelling on all of this it's only going to make it worse!" She half laughs but half of her tone is serious.

"Okay! Fine." I finally give up on that conversation and steer it into one I know she'll love.

"So, what are you doing on my Instagram that you just need my phone for 10 minutes at a time?

"Well.. I started following guys who are really attractive." No, I think into my head. No. Why do I need to scroll through my news feed and see guys through out it? All the time? The ones from my school are enough as it is.

"Julie... Is that really necessary? I mean, I really need to focus on school and having all these hormonal guys on my news feed surely won't help!" I laugh to myself and watch my best friend throw fits of giggles.

"What ever you say, Addison."

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