47. Jays Fun

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Jay is insatiable today :-)

I've been here for about 15 minutes, Jay standing inside the room, his eyes fixed on me.

I was exposed completely to him and anyone who happened to look our way would possibly see my naked back.

But still, I didn't move. The look on Jays face had me glued where I sat.

"I can't wait to taste you." Jay commented as he stepped out onto the balcony. "Your juicy little cunt has been calling me."

I felt the low throb as his words settled over me.

"And those fucking tits, with my fucking marks babe, well fuck I want them in my mouth."

I moaned deeply at his words.

"So, what I'm gonna do right now" he paused and I waited breathlessly. "is suck on that sweet little pussy until you're begging me to let you cum."

"Shit!" I said as my body responded to him.

"And then I'm going to make those nipples of yours fully understand the fine line between pleasure and pain."

My breath hitched and my body ached with need.

"But first," he said as he stepped up to me.  "you're gonna put that sweet mouth around my cock."

As the words left his mouth, he tangled his hands in my hair and brought my face between his legs to rub against his large erection.

"Suck me off Mia."  My hands reached up to free him from his shorts and I stroked his pulsing, rigid cock before taking him in my mouth.

"Fuck babe."  He groaned as I hummed around him, my hand stroking his balls as his hands pulled my face closer.

"Fucking take me Mia."  The sound of his deep, sexy, husky voice had me taking him deeper. 

His taste was like sensory overdrive, it was everything I craved and I took him deeper as I brought him closer to his release.

His grip tightened in my hair and I hollowed my throat as he fucked my mouth, my fingernails digging into the flesh of his tight asse as I pulled him closer.

With a deep guttural roar, he released and I swallowed as he emptied himself at the back of my throat.

"You're a fucking sexy bitch." He moaned as he released his grip on my hair and I licked my lips as I released him.

I looked up to meet his eyes and in a rare moment of confidence I confided "I love the way you taste Jay."

Jay growled and grabbed my upper arms, bringing me up to my feet.

"Is that right baby?" He asked as his teeth grazed my collarbone.

"Yes." I whimpered.

"Mmmm I wonder if it's as much as I love the taste of you." He whispered as he reached his hand down to stroke me.

He lifted me and sat me on the outside table. "Hold on tight baby." He instructed as he knelt between my legs and brought me to the quickest orgasm I'd experienced yet.

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