8 - Endings and a non-served coffee.

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I am worried sick.


They are meeting about now.

Will he really be ok?

What if his stupid boyfriend hurts him?

Or worse, what if he pushes Harry down and tries to rape him?

NO, definitely no.

Only the thought already makes my inside burn and my chest tighten.

If that bastard touches Harry I will kill him.

I will torture him.

What should I do?

Why didn't I ask for his cell phone number?



While waiting for Mark I keep on tidying the shop, making inventories and organizing cupboards and shelves. He might show up at 19:30 as we agreed or at 21:30 or simply not come at all. With Mark, I am never sure because he is always busy at work. Despite that, I will wait since he was adamant about meeting and we have to fix this mess.

A part of me wants to scream and curse at him but the remaining one is just tired. Hating is exhausting. Besides, two years is a respectable amount of time. We own this much to each other.

The bell chimes at the front. It is him. I purposely left the door unlocked but with the 'closed' sign hanging so he would be the only one to enter.

Walking to the saloon I take a deep breath. It is time. "Hey." I say to the tall figure at the entrance.

Mark has basically the same high as me, but with a 'manlier' appearance. Strong chin, large chest, slightly bulky arms. He is not one of those gorillas, but he takes his weight lifting very seriously. Training is his second religion, after work, and the gym his church. He is also quite handsome with chocolate brown hair and honey eyes.

I on the other hand, despite my height, am more on the 'delicate' side. My body is far from scrawny but I do have a slim figure.

"Hey." Greeting me back he walks to my side. There are no traces of rage or annoyance in his expression anymore but maybe wariness?

"Let's take a seat" I propose with a knot in the stomach.

"Won't you serve me a coffee?" He asks with a scornful smile.

I just stare. What is his objective? What does he expect to achieve by provoking me? "No. I think we should just get on with our talk."

With a sigh he seats.

"What did you want to say?" I promptly ask. The faster we start, the faster we end.

Since this afternoon he must have understood that bravado won't take him anywhere because this time he honestly speaks while looking into my eyes. "Harry, I don't want to break up. I love you."

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