• Let's Do It // Jeon Jungkook •

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You were at your house practicing your dance .

You had a goddamn big house with Jungkook .

Lots of rooms and one of the biggest room was the dance practice .

So there you are practicing the dance waiting for Jungkook to come back home from BIGHIT building .

U decided to take a rest and sat down on a couch at the corner of the dance practice room .

It was 12 a.m

" Oh ? Why isn't he home yet ? He usually comes home by 11 . Maybe he's just busy " you said to yourself .

Soon enough , you heard the door unlocking , keys being thrown on the table .

Jungkook came up to the dance practice room to see if you're there .

He opened the door and with big eyes and a smiley face .

U were wearing a white shirt and you were sweating like crazy , it can be seen through , the worse part is , you were wearing a bright neon bra and it gets his attention .

You got a bit uncomfortable and just sat on the couch .

" Oh you're back home ! " you said happily .

" Just that ? No hug ? Kiss ? " Jungkook teased .

You stood up smiling and smirking , gave him a peck on the lips and hugged him tightly to let him now you missed him .

" You're wet , can I make you wetter ? " Jungkook asked looking down at you , holding on to your waist .

" Jeon Jungkook ?! " You said in disbelief .

" Yes princess ? " He said witha cheeky smile .

You smiled and blushed and gave him a kiss .

" Done practicing ? " Jungkook asked tilting his head smiling .

" yeap , let me go and shower first . I smell , and I know you don't like it .. " You said and walked off .

Jungkook walked behind you , walking a bit faster getting his hand ready and smacked your ass .

He touched your ass and you gazed at him .

" REALLY ? JEON JUNGKOOK ? " you said opening your eyes big .

You walked in your bathroom quickly and locked the bathroom door , not making Jungkook disturb you , because everytime , he'll always finds a way to get in and do it with you .

You were just showering under that warm water until you heard something drop from the outside .

Who else but Jungkook ?

" JUNGKOOK BABE ! PLEASE ! " you shouted .

" Sorry baby .. " He said sitting in front of the door at the other side .

You finished showering in a few minutes .

You were wearing your undergarments until you heard the door open .

It was Jungkook of course .

" Do you know what privacy stands for my dear ? " you asked crossing your arms .

You crossed your arms below your boobs and you kinda lift it up which made Jungkook turned on .

His eyes widened .

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