46. Show Off

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A double update for keeping you all waiting so long.

Hope you enjoy :)

We finally climbed out of bed and showered, both famished from our all night sex romp.

I pulled on my bikini and then a lightweight black dress I'd bought since we'd been here.

Jays eyes met mine as I left the bathroom and then looked me over from head to toe and back again. His thumb traced his bottom lip as he smiled. It was a certain smile I'd only seen a few times and I hitched a breath in anticipation.

Jay was quite simple, he said what he meant and got what he wanted.

He was sweet and kind and gentle in his love making.

He was raw and crude when he fucked me.

And, he was occasionally dominant and pushed my limits. This was one of those times.

"Lose the top Mia." He said, his voice thick with lust.

When I didn't react, he took a step closer. There were times he wanted me to be seen, but he didn't want anyone seeing me.

He loosened the tie at the front of my dress and pushed the straps from my shoulders, trapping my arms by my sides. At these times, I knew to let him take control. To let him dress me as he wants me. The excitement for me was in making him happy.

He untied the straps of my bikini top and threw it onto the bed behind me. His gaze was focused on my nipples as he grazed his rough thumbs over them.

"Fuck, you're an awesome sight babe." He groaned as he again latched onto my flesh and marked me.

He pulled my straps back onto my shoulders, my dress gaping open to expose the top of my breasts and the marks he'd left. As exposed as I felt, I knew for a certainty that my nipples were still covered...just. There was no way Jay would expose me fully, although the thin material would do little to hide the outline of my nipples.

This was the side of him that didn't surface often when we were out in public, but the side of him that was so intent on what he wanted. It was like he was torn about what he wanted and I trusted him enough to keep me safe and comply with his wishes.

"Let's have breakfast then go shopping." He suggested as he drew his gaze from my breasts to my face.

I smiled and nodded as he reached for my hand and led me from the room.

"Relax babe, we're on fucking holiday."  He whispered as he pulled my body against his.  "We've seen tits everywhere at the beach and by the pool babe, but I haven't seen anything that compares to yours." 

His hands moved from my waist to the side of my breasts. 

"Have some confidence in how fucking hot you look." 

His lips met mine and I was completely lost in him.

"How visible am I?"  I asked nervously.

"Fucking perfect for me Mia, that's all that matters."  He answered gruffly.  "Now, take a breath and show some confidence babe.  Your tits are fucking perfect."

As quick as his words were spoken, my fears were dispelled.  Well, not entirely but enough to ignore the looks I received and enjoy the fact that I was making Jay happy.

By the time we stopped for lunch I was relaxed, although not entirely comfortable. But the way Jays eyes skimmed over me from across the table made me wet between my thighs.

And Jay knew. He fucking knew!

"How wet are you?" He asked, his voice a little louder than I would have liked. I could feel the blush on my cheeks as I averted my eyes.

His fingers gripped my chin and lifted my face until my eyes met his.

"How wet are you Mia?" He asked again, his voice deep and his eyes dark. "Could I slide my hard on into your tight little pussy easily?" He asked and I moaned at his crass words.

"Tell me." He encouraged and I swallowed the lump in my throat. "Mia!" He warned.

"I'm wet Jay and I've no doubt you could slip right in." I said quietly as I licked my suddenly dry lips.

"Slip in where Mia? Say the fucking words."

Jesus, his eyes and his voice were fucking hypnotising.

"Your beautiful hard cock could quite easily slip into my wet and ready cunt." I said on a breath and watched as his eyes hooded.

"Open your legs babe." His voice was deep and husky and I had no option but to obey.

His arm lowered under the table and I moaned as I felt his fingers brush against my bikini bottoms.

"Pull them to the side Mia." He challenged and I felt more moisture pool before I did so. We were sitting in a booth and I was fairly sure we were safe from being seen. I let out a low moan as his fingers ran along my slit.

"Do you want me inside babe?" Shit, his voice was so thick I wished we were back in our room where I could straddle him.

"I d...don't know." I stammered, wanting him inside me but still very aware of our surroundings.

He pulled his hand back and sat them both on the table, his eyes fixed on mine. "Take them off."

"What?" I gasped as I looked around the busy restaurant slash cafe.

"I said, take them off. Right here, right now."

"I..I can't. Jay, I can't."

"Mia, take your fucking bottoms off and put them in your bag. Keep your legs open and wait for me to touch you."

I shook my head no even as I felt the rush of moisture at his words.

Jay sat back in the seat and pierced me with his deep green eyes.

"Take your fucking panties off and keep those legs spread babe, I know your pussy is soaking right now."

I closed my eyes and wriggled out of my soaking wet bottoms and threw them into the bag beside me.

Jay leaned forward on the table, a sexy smirk on his face.

"Let me tell you a thing or two Mia."

I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded.

"I tell you to do something, you fucking do it. No questions asked. Remember?"

I nodded in response.

"Next thing babe, when we get back to the room you get your pretty self naked and wait for me on the balcony. You open those sexy legs so I can see your glistening cunt. Yeah?"

I swallowed and nodded.

"You wait for as long as it takes Mia. You fucking wait for me. Got it?"

Fuck. "Yes, I've got it." I whispered.

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