A Double Surprise. Part 51

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Redited with a few changed details. Republished 28th December 2016

Originally published 26th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Sarah's POV...

We had just reached the others at the top of the incline where everyone was waiting with smiles on their faces when Joy suddenly spoke out.

" Bertie. What brings you here today? " She asked a portly looking man who was holding a folder under his arm as he approached everyone from the other side of us.

" I looked at the man in question to see him dressed much like the others except that he was wearing a suit. I would have said he looked odd with a cowboy hat on his head, but he actually didn't.

I suppose we are used to seeing men attired like that back home so I can only assume that men also dress at times like that too.

" I'm here to perform the wedding ceremony." He said which confused both Reid and myself because we have it organised for The Judge to perform the ceremony.

"Excuse me. I think you have the wrong place, Bertie." John went on to say to the familiar looking man who stood there with a smile on his face.

" No he doesn't." We heard another deep voice call out from the other side of the Judge who was just waiting there very patiently.

I was surprised to see jaxon moved forward through a few of the relatives until he stood in front of us all and spoke again.

" I had the same idea. I've already had everything checked out and the only thing we need to finish organising was the immigration paperwork which has already started." He went on to say as he then turned to hold his hand out to Barb who slowly reached out and after taking a step away from us, she took hold of his hand with a small smile as she looked at him before glancing at us.

" Is there anything we should know Berrahbie?" I asked her as she just stood there looking up at Jaxon who was smiling back down into her face as if she was the most beautiful thing on earth.

Reid clicked his fingers in front of them which had them give him their attention.

" Berrahbie?" He asked her slowly knowing that she didn't have any family here except for us and he was concerned for her thoughts on the subject.

" I see how you are with Sarah. It was the same way with Jack and Jen when they first saw each other. From what I have heard, the Joifield blood is pretty strong where their soulmates are concerned. Even though some might have put up a fight, they all gave in eventually. So why fight something that is very obvious to me." Barb began to say as she looked at both Reid and me along with Jen.

" What I have seen here with this family has shown me that what I felt for Carlson wasn't real. I was lonely and gave in to a moment when I was not in my right frame of mind." She was saying to us all in a clear, but soft voice which I am sure everyone has heard.

I just smiled at her when she said that. It means that we get to be more than friends now. We get to become family.

" These past few days here with this such amazing family has been a real eye opener for me. Because of Jaxon and his persistence, the way all of the family have acted has made this feels right to me. Really right and for once, I am going along with what feels right. So if Jules and Rob don't mind having a Yank for a daughter in law, I'd very much like to marry Jaxon with everyone here with us." She said with a smile as she looked around at everyone who was then smiling back at her.

"Then let's get this show on the road. Joifield men don't wait I'm told." I heard someone yell which had everyone laugh at that particular statement.

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