Hoping For The Best

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I didn't end up getting in until 3 this morning and when I did I noticed Alexis car parked outside. I walked inside to see her and Ace fast asleep on the couch and the way he held her was beautiful, I was glad to see they made up really because they didn't need to be fighting especially since there about to be parents. I get why Ace was mad though he was jut concerned as he should be, maybe I should've just left the club to me and Nia.

Either way I had a good time and Ace and Alexis are back together, so everybody wins. Let's just hope we have less arguing with the two of them and more love.

By this time I was ready to call it a night. My feet were hurting and I was sleepy, but right when I was about to get undressed I heard my phone go off.

Dre : come outside
3:33 A.M

I wondered how the hell his ass knew I was up, but I shook them thoughts away as I replaced my red bottoms with some Nike slides and headed downstairs. Alexis and Ace were no longer on the couch, I'm guessing they moved to Ace's room.

Meanwhile I gladly went outside to see my baby. I'm not gone even lie I really did miss him today, you get so use to being around somebody so much and when your not you begin to miss them like crazy. I just needed to see him.

Once I walked outside I seen Dre standing in front of his all white G wagon staring me down I'm guessing because of what I was wearing, I didn't care though.

''Deandre, do you know what time it is?''I said giving him a side hug.

''I couldn't sleep and plus I know you missed me.''He said with a slight smile. He was right I did miss him.

For some reason I felt like something was wrong with Dre though, I was happy he was here but I don't know I could see it in his face it was like something was off about him and I was sure about to figure it out.

''I did miss you Dre , but what's wrong?''I said lifting his face from the ground and making him look at me.

''It's My grandma, she was rushed to the hospital. They saying she could have cancer.''He said in a sound tone.

My heart completely dropped when those words escaped from his mouth. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. I had met Dre's grandma and Drew's party and she was such a sweetheart. I know what it feels like to lose somebody from cancer, it sucks and I wouldn't want anybody to go through that. I was heartbroken when I lost my mother to cancer at times I find myself still thinking about the day she left this earth. It's the worst pain I've ever encountered and I pray that all is well with Deandre's situation.

I sighed. ''Dre , I'm so sorry. You know I know what that feels like, It's a terrible thing to have to witness.'' I said thinking about my mother.

Dre nodded. ''I know , that's why I came to you. I knew you went through this and you'll be here for me. The doctors say it's early on and there doing they best to catch it. I just hope everything will be okay. I can't lose my grandma.''He said

''Well that's a good thing Dre, I know your grandma is a strong woman and can beat this. I'll keep her in my prayers as well.'' I said touching his shoulder.

''Damn , I hope your right Melody.''He said pulling me into a warm embrace while I tried not to get emotional myself.

''It'll be okay Deandre, I know it.''I said pulling away from him and kissing his lips. Our tongues connected in synch as his hands went to my waist.

Pulling back from him, I knew this was tough for Dre and I didn't want to see him like this. I knew my words helped a little , but I could still tell he was hurt.

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