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You and Jessica slowly look at each other. You get up and open the door

Logan- Can we talk, alone?

You- Uhm, yea come in

You take him to your room and close the door

Logan- when were you going to tell me?

You- explain more?

Logan- you and Kendall

You- I was just about to get up and tell you

Logan- why did you let him...

You- I didn't it just happened, we both pulled away it meant nothing Logan

Logan- are you sure?

You- Logan, I'm sure... your the world to me I love you

Logan- okay... I love you too, just don't do it agin

You- I won't

Ash- Guys, the pizza is here!

Logan- well, I should get going... see you tomorrow

You- yea... bye

He leaves and you guys enjoy your pizza. You guys were talking about your past and bringing up some memories. You guys were laughing but then the TV interrupted

"If you are in LA, now is your chance to be on New Town High, they are looking for some new people for some new drama... if your interested call now!"

The three girls whip out their phones and call the number that was on the screen. They said to practice the lines that they have sent and to go to the studio in a month for the auditions. Everyone hung up at the same and laid down on the sofa.

Jess- Well, I have a feeling our Hollywood career is going to blow up

You and ash- Yep

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