Unbidden Memories

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[SebaCiel] All I Want For Christmas Is You ^^^

Just a notice: while this video is based on SebaCiel, that pairing does not appear in this story. I simply chose that video because I really like it and is in the Christmas theme. In my work, you will not find those kinds of pairings, not because I don't support that kind of sexuality, or any kind of sexuality in general, but because I lack experience that would deem me appropriate to write such stories and write them correctly without offending anyone, and also, changing the characters' sexualities also changes the characters' personalities, which I'd like to avoid if I can. Just my opinion!

Also, just to let you know, a few characters who only appear in the manga are mentioned in this, but it's only very briefly, so if you've only watched the anime than that's fine.


Unbidden Memories: A Black Butler Christmas Story

A boy was situated alone in his desk chair, fawning over the stack of paper work that was now a scattered mess of parchment splayed across the mahogany desk, his single sapphire eye riveting across the pages with an expression of complete disinterest. Hours had ticked by like this, utterly boring and uneventful, with the pile of documents never seeming to dwindle. The boy realised that the more he read, the more the words began to merge together and sound almost entirely the same.

With a laboured sigh, he dropped his forehead to the desk, allowing his arms to swing limply at his sides. He couldn't help but wonder when this tiresome day would end...

A delicate rapping at the study door caused Ciel to jerk up so violently from his desk that it was as though a wire had been thrust up his spine, the motion making papers go flying into the air and flutter to the floor with a dampened thud.

Clutching at his chest to quiet his foolishly pounding heart, he murmured, "Come in."

Immediately, the door swung open with a flourish to reveal a gleaming silver cart adorned in a selection of buttered cakes and creams, with his butler, Sebastian hovering so resolute in its wake. The butler steered the trolley to the desk and appearing to ignore the documents now decorating the carpet, he began to pour the tea.

"Does Ceylon satisfy you, My Lord?" Sebastian addressed, brandishing the china teacup towards his Master, who took it with a snatch of his hand.

"Yes, its fine," Ciel confirmed waspishly, busying himself by taking a measured swig of his tea.

Sebastian moved on to cutting a perfectly intricate slice of Black Forest Cake, to which Ciel ignored him, instead focusing on the financial report that still loomed before him like a colossal mountain that would not budge, no matter how many times he read the same sentence. Sebastian, noticing that his Master was 'obviously' occupied, placed the cake on a plater by the edge of the desk, as to not disturb the boy. However, even so, there was a topic that they must discuss.

"My Lord, the preparations have been finished for this evening. Is there anything else that you would like to add?"

Ciel froze, his eyes bursting wide, his very limbs seizing, the papers growing taut in his fingers. What preparations? What was happening tonight? Was it a special occasion? He couldn't remember ever being told of such things! His mind raced with the possibilities, but nothing sounded quite correct, like a shoe that didn't fit.

Gulping, Ciel managed a timid, doubtful reply, his eyes still fixated on the documents, yet he was no longer even trying to read them. "Ah...and what preparations would those be?"

The silence that followed was deafening, almost shrieking in Ciel's ears and when he raised his head to see what was taking Sebastian so long to reply to the most insignificant of questions, Ciel was perplexed to find a film of shock glossing over the demon's huge scarlet eyes, his jaw so slack that it could've been hanging by the fine, mossy-green threads of the carpet. However, it wasn't long before the surprise laced into something more insufferable; amusement. Unceremoniously, Sebastian placed two immaculately gloved fingers to his thin, pale lips and began to chuckle, his laugh rumbling from his throat in a soft, refined purr, much to Ciel's chagrin.

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